Creatures of the Void
Chapter Two


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          The groans of the undead followed me. My house was a beacon of light that beckoned to me as I hopped around on the trees of the forest. I was not safe there, though. I could not retreat there.

          I knew that I shouldn't use my mining tools to fight oncoming enemies, but if worse came to worst I would use my axe. It would help me the most as opposed to my pronged, stabby pickaxe.

          The zombies weren't the best jumpers, and I figured that out soon. If there was a height I could only reach by leaping a distance, they couldn't follow. For me, that amounted to building pillar-stairways to the top of a tree, then jumping from branch to branch as they eventually found a way to climb up to me. Then there were the bow-armed skeletons that shot me repeatedly if they could get close. The spiders were amazing climbers, and I still couldn't figure out what the quadruped plant-pillars were. I hadn't tried to get close though.

          I had been keeping it up for a while, jumping from one tree to the next, when I was hit by an arrow where it counted, and I toppled into the ground. It wasn't far, and the arrow hurt more than the fall. I pulled it out, but it was fragile and I couldn't use it. I tossed it aside and stood. I backed into the forest, at least ten zombies and a skeleton in the plains after me. Maybe if I got far enough into the trees...

          I felt a horrible pinch on my left shoulder. I turned to the left and saw another giant spider. It hissed and jumped at me again. I dodged back and to the left, still wary of the undead to the right of me. My hand found its way to my axe, and I slashed at the spider and the zombie closest to me.

          I couldn't move much longer, my eyes were darkening. I couldn't see any more than a few feet in front of me, and I found myself on my back, crawling backward, swinging at the things that jumped. I hit something. A tree. Maybe if I could use it for leverage...

          It moved.

          It hissed.

          It wasn't a tree.

          My back was ripped apart and I flew forward, into the horde, but they couldn't hurt me anymore. Nobody could. I was safe, for however long I didn't know.

          The darkness closed in entirely.

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