The Creeper head swarm is just that: A swarm of flying creeper heads.

A swarm of 5


Swarms of creeper heads frantically patrol the skies, looking for unsuspecting prey-be it a lonley human or a village of testificates-to attack. When prey is spotted, one to three heads will break from the swarm and fly for people and houses, colliding with them and exploding. They proceed to do this until they are defeated or the target has been blown to smithereens. When a small swarm is seen, more is to be expected. Creep heads tend to travel in the thousands.


Creep heads have two major weaknesses:

  1. As usual, they can't punch through obsidian.
  2. A head can be batted back at the rest of the swarm, where it will explode on others.


the creeper heads were once ordinary did they lose their head? well i will tell you.

the face stealer stole their heads! the heads escaped the stealer and you will also sometimes find headless creepers around.

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