DESOLΛCE, referred to in different cultures as Eites, Dead-world, and Fia'Achn, as well as erroneously DESOΛACE or DESOLACE, is a dimension.


DESOLΛCE is a mirror world to the Overworld. It is the home of the Life-eater. Because of this, it is entirely devoid of all other sustained life other than Estenoids and occasional birds.

It generates with the same algorithm as the Overworld, but with changes to life-based blocks. All grass is replaced with dirt, water is replaced with a poisonous variant which is non-navigable without a boat, trees are replaced with leafless Blackwood stalks, and no flowers or tall grass exist. Mobs do not naturally spawn inside DESOLΛCE, and none of the natural structures present in the Overworld generate within.


No naturally-generated "artificial" Overworld structures (NPC villages, dungeons, mineshafts, strongholds, woodland mansions) appear inside DESOLΛCE. No portals work within the dimension, and the only way to escape is via an Interplane Rift, which generate very rarely.

Once a player enters DESOLΛCE, five ingame days (100 minutes) remain in which they can survive. On the fourth day, the Life-eater will appear as a silhouette at a random point on the horizon. When the fifth day dawns, the silhouette will be gone and the Life-eater will have spawned into the world. If the player does not reach a Rift in time, they will be permanently killed by the Life-eater. If multiple players are inside, the timer will be determined by the player who has been in the longest; if one enters during the fifth day, they will be attacked by the Life-eater as if it was their own fifth day.

When inside DESOLΛCE, Ender Pearls, due to a lack of strongholds, will head towards the nearest Interplane Rift. This is a good way to find an escape.


  • DESOLΛCE appears like the word "desolate", but is actually pronounced "desollce" due to its usage of a lambda.

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