A Deconstruct Sword is an extremely powerful weapon that appears in Creatures of the Void.


Deconstruct Swords have the same basic texture design as normal swords, but where the blade normally would appear are two intertwined crystal structures that form the shape of a blade. The guard and pommel are whitish-gray, and the hilt takes the normal stick texture.

The crystal structures are made independently from each other, one out of diamond and the other out of Sempi crystal, both treated in Gott-Meinian Acid.

Though a Deconstruct Sword's attack damage is meager, that of an iron sword (HeartHeartHeartHalf Heart), its true power lies in its ability to deal irreversible (except by powerful magic) damage to players, which can result in permadeath.



  • Deconstruct Swords are one of the few methods of permadeath in Hestion.
  • The Deconstruct Sword is one of the few Creatures of the Void concepts that isn't available in all of Sad's Fanon.
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