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Deep Stone.

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A Deep Stone ore deposit.

Deep Stone

Deep Stone is a variant of stone that is found deep underground, hence its name. It is about as rare as Gold ore. Deep Stone's texture is of a slightly darker stone. It is used for making Deep Stone bricks, Deep Stone tools (which dig as fast as iron and have a durability of 500, twice as much as iron) and to make Heavy Iron which is crafted using 1 Iron Ingot, 4 Obsidian and 4 Deep Stone. Deep Stone has an inherent blast resistance of 45 (which is a bit more than stone's 30) which makes it almost completely immune to TNT.

Other Uses

Deep Stone can be used as an alternative to Iron Blocks when making an anvil. It is generally cheaper, and finding very large amounts of iron is difficult and time consuming. You can also make A special type of explosive called Shatter TNT which substitutes Deep Stone for sand. It has a larger blast radius, as well as more damage. It also has a longer fuse, so you can get away from it when you activate it.


  • The texture of Deep Stone is a modified Gold Ore.
  • Deep Stone can be eaten however, it may result in health loss.

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