Destruction of Minecraftia


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The Voice in the Darkness


Eye of Ender

Notable Combatants:

Steve (THaB)

Nameless Protagonist

Dysnome [1]

For the stories, see Destruction of Minecraftia

The Destruction of Minecraftia was an event which shook the whole of Minecraftia, from the Northern point of Oak Town to the southern glaciers of Kaltstoar. Herobrine and his armies of Nether mobs and Endermen invaded Minecraftia in an attempt to bring the whole realm under their control, guided by something more sinister. The almost entire planet was war-ravaged, and tens of thousands died. The war was fought on five fronts, the north, south, east, west, and far fronts.

  • In the North, the Nether Army sacked Oak Town and captured or killed most of it's inhabitants, save Bleek and Alexander. The north was overlooked as no significant military force was left after a few battles and the partial destruction of Oak Town itself, so the countryside of Laaos and places such as Kulnev Manor survived.
  • In the South, the Southern Militia waged a guerrilla campaign against the forces of the Nether and the Overworld mobs after the city of Marvel fell. They preferred to fire arrows from long distances rather than fight hand-to-hand, though Herobrine himself is said to have had to come down to fight the chieftain Dysnome.
  • In the East, Shauchea was attacked by the forces of Herobrine, and the population fled into the metro system. The population was massacred but the Eastern Ghillies later rebuilt the city as Sarageth.
  • It was all quiet on the Western front, as Herobrine had put the king and queen of Mineu under his control, keeping their armies from the war though this was later changed.
  • Combat also occurred in the Nether, Kaltstoar, on the high seas, etc. and these battles are all recorded in the "far front".
  1. Killed by Herobrine
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