Type of Block Tool
Stackable? Yeah (Max 64)
Tool Used None
Obeys Physics? 25px-No
Luminosity 25px-No
Transparency 25px-No

The Drainer is a tool in Minecraft 1.10.


The Drainer can be crafted, or can be found in chests in Dungeons, Mineshafts, or Strongholds, but that is extremely rare.


NOTE: S = Stick, /\ = Diamond Shear, R = Redstone, + = Empty Space.

+ + R
+ /\


S + +


The Drainer functions as a tool and is used in a dire emergency. To use it, hold down the right mouse button when the Drainer is in your hand, and the Drainer will actually restore 1 heart but take away 1 hunger point. This can actually be reversed by right-clicking twice, and it will say in chat, "Reversed!" So, when it is in this state, holding down the button will restore 1 hunger and take away 1 heart. So it reverses.

The Drainer is not the cheapest tool, but for what it does, it's pretty cheap. And it works very well, so it is worth it. However, the durability is pretty low, about as low as wooden tools. So, it uses up pretty quickly.

The Drainer can also be used as a melee weapon, dealing 3 damage, or 1.5 hearts.


The Drainer looks like the Diamond Shear, with redstone at the edge and a golden pillar running through it. It also has an "enchanted" texture. When being used you hear clipping and charging noises. It also makes slight buzzing and zapping sounds as idle sounds.

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