The Dream Dimension is a dimension entered by placing Cloud Blocks into a Nether Portal shape and placing Water on the bottom Cloud Blocks. This causes the water to vanish and glass panes that have animations and teleport you to the Dream Dimension appear between the Cloud Blocks which make up the frame.

It is a cloudy dimension and you spawn on a cloud. The cloud you spawn on is actually 900 clouds connected to each other. Sometimes, when you sleep, you teleport awake to this dimension. The cloud you spawn on will turn into a normal Overworld with the real Overworld in its void when accessed through sleeping. Also, the Dream Dimension could be good to a visitor or bad to the visitor when accessed through sleeping.

When you move in the Dream Dimension, you also move in the normal Overworld when accessed through sleeping; you move in the Overworld the same way you move in the Dream Dimension, but this time sleeping. It is noticeable through closed eyes when viewed by other people, by mobs or by villagers. When some person, mob or villager attacks you in the Dream Dimension, in the Overworld, you simply move away from the point where that person, mob or villager stands in the Dream Dimension in the same way you get deflected in the Dream Dimension by a punch or explosion. When the Dream Dimension involves an explosion, it is probably a griefer who is burning up a house nearby in the Overworld. When the Dream Dimension involves fire, you are probably near a Herobrine spawner, while if the Dream Dimension involves Endermen and displaced blocks, you are probably near a Nidarc spawner.




  • Sheep
  • Cow
  • Pig
  • All other animals and passive mobs.

NOTE: Herobrine and Nidarc may appear in a nightmare, and a creeper spawned in Dream will most likely be peaceful. Creepers may replace pigs in Dream Dimension, and any creepers will never explode; hostile ones spawned in Dream will fight by kicking and headbutting, but no exploding. If explosions occur, nothing will be destructed.

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