Eagles are a neutral mob that serve a similar function to the Wolf.


Eagles spawn near mountain terrains, and are usually seen flying around peaks.

They will spawn untamed.


Eagles will drop Wings if killed by the player.

Behaviour and appearance

Eagles are normally passive, but if their nests are damaged or if they themselves are attacked, then they will attack. They can be tamed by luring a mouse out into the open using a Cheese slice. The eagle will swoop down and eat the mouse. While the eagle eats, attach him with a Falconry Helmet. They also build nests, and sometimes a baby Eagle will spawn. They let out shrill cries as communication. Once they are tamed, then they will attack any mob that the player strikes. They will not enter underground areas, but they will enter caves and indoor areas if they are big enough. They tend to hunt down bats and fish, and will scare off spiders if they are within a ten-block radius.


  • Bald eagle - spawn on islands
  • Harpy eagles - spawn in jungles
  • Golden eagles - spawn in marshes and on mountains
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