The Emperor of the Creepers, whose real name has been long since forgotten, is the founder and de facto leader of the Creeper Empire.



Little is known about the origin of the Emperor of the Creepers, but it can be assumed that the Emperor was among the first or possibly even THE first creeper in existence. After a few millennia of planning, the Emperor formed an alliance that consisted of at least a million creepers.

Notch-Herobrine War

Sometime after humanity achieved space travel, the Emperor's creepers possessed their own space-faring technology, and traveled to a distant star system, where they would spend thousands of years multiplying and advancing. During the war, the Emperor had been secretly manipulating Herobrine into causing his own downfall, by convincing him to station his forces in orbit around the hostile world of Zylesh, as well as the creation of the deadly Creeperion race.

Imperial Inquisition

A short time after the Minecraftian-San'Shyuum War had ended, the Empire made their presence known. The Emperor selected countless millions of creepers to cut a path of conquest across the galaxy. For the next 200 years, the Creeper Empire attacked various human and alien colony worlds, until the Minecraftian Alliance chose to act and directly attacked the Imperial capital world of Aurus. During the attack, billions of creepers and the Emperor himself were killed. Following the destruction of the capital and the death of the Emperor, the remaining Imperial colonies began falling apart, possibly due to the rise of rebel and insurrection groups among the surviving populations. The true cause of this quick collapse is unknown, but within 2 short years, most of the remaining Imperial colonies had fallen completely.

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