An Ender Blade is an item that is part of the Minecraft+++ mod.


To craft it, put two obsidian on top of an iron stick, and put an ender pearl on the right side of the middle obsidian and an eye of ender on the left side.


It does as much damage as a Diamond Sword, but has eight hundred more durability than a Diamond Sword. When holding the Ender Blade and holding down the Right-Click button, it will charge.

When fully charged, you can teleport five times by Right-Clicking on the block you want to go. Holding down Shift and Right Clicking while its charged will make it spray Ender Acid around you, which can go through any block except for glass, glass panes or bedrock. If a mob gets hit by Ender Acid it will take one heart of damage every second, making it a bit weaker than lava. Also, it does ten damage (HeartHeartHeartHeartHeart) instead of eight (HeartHeartHeartHeart) to Endermen and Enderdragon.

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