Ender Slime is a mob in Orangecraft found in the End. This mob is hostile and roams the End's top land.

Ender slimes can be found in all normal biomes of The End.


Ender Slimes look like Magma Cubes (Lava Slimes) but more black and has purple eyes. When they bounce, they use the same animation as a Slime.


Ender Pearl - Main Drop. Drops 0-5

Slime Balls - Main Drop. Drops 0-10

Spawned Ender Slimes - Spawns Smallers Ender Slimes unless it is Small.

Eye of Ender - Rare Drop. Drops 0-1

Obsidian - Another Rare Drop. Drops 0-3


Version Notes
Indev 0.2 Snapshot B Added Ender Slime
Indev 0.3 Added Ender Slime Spawn Egg Color! It is Purple with Lime Spots.
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