Ender Taskmasters are very dangerous versions of Endermen. They are 5x1.5x2, and are purple with black eyes. They spawn when Endermen are struck by lightning in the Overworld, and one spawns each time you destroy an Ender Crystal in the Overworld. There is what appears to be an Ender Taskmaster riding the back of the Enderdragon 2.0. Ender Taskmasters have 100 HP (As much as an Iron Golem!) and do 10 damage (As much as an Endermen on Hard Mode!) on Easy, 13 on Medium, and 18 on Hard. They can summon Endermen (Up to 5 in their lifetime), shoot purple particles that do half their normal damage, and move 2x as fast as an Endermen. They, unlike Endermen, will only attack when attacked in the Overworld but are hostile in The End. 

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