• Endespark after mined
  • The Endespark ore

The Endespark is a a precious type of mineral only able to be found at Devracath, which makes it rare and very valuable. People pay high price for this, luckily it can be found in the End, however only found 1 per vein and occasional twos, and only an average 7 per chunk,lower than diamonds. Endesparks in Devracath are found 4-6 per vein and has an average of 28 per chunk, which makes it pretty abundant, and are found at level 15-24. Endespark is powerful and is used to power and make many tools and jewerly in Devracath. They seem to have better statistics when exposed to sunlight, which makes sense since they are found underground.

  • Sword : 10 Attack Damage (HeartHeartHeartHeartHeart)
  • The other tool's attack damage are basically same as diamonds but is added by 3 and has a mining speed 1/3 better than diamond. Tools and sword durability = 2,235 durability
  • 1 Armor Bar is the same as Heart
  • Helmet : 3 Armor Bar 943 Durability
  • Chesplate : 5 Armor Bar 1,245 Durability
  • Leggings : 4,5 Armor Bar 1,024 Durability
  • Boots : 2,5 Armor Bar 869 Durability

Endespark armor & tools also will have a higher chance to give better enchantments like gold armor, but slightly worse. Endespark armor also, like any other armor, can be fixed with Endesparks if broken. They can be made into blocks, chiseled and stuff like quartz, and are mostly used as decorative blocks. Many people rather buy Endespark from the Devracathians rather than try to mine for it in the End as it is rare there and the End is very dangerous. The Endespark is also usually used to charge Devracathian tools, and can be charged by sunlight, or let it charge on its own.

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