"They've been here since the beginning of time. And, i advise you, if you see one, run. Run, and never, ever go back to that spot. Ever."

-The Strange Old Man talking to The Mastercrafters.

Ever zombies are strange zombies that have been around for, like, ever. Their HP is intense, at 100. Their damage is equally intense, at 20. They move at a Player Relative Speed (PSR) of 1.6, meaning they move 60% faster then a walking player. They can fire brain-balls that do 10 damage and can summon normal zombies. You can only find them in the Everlands, and even there, they are about as rare as a spider jockey. On death, they turn into 5 goo balls, each one 10 blocks apart, and roll toward each other at 1.1 PSR. If they all combine, they turn into ANOTHER ever-zombie, making them annoying. Each ball has 20 HP, and if you destroy one, they all split into 2 zombies each (as they know they cant turn into another Ever-zombie). Another thing that makes them annoying is the balls have 5 defense, meaning only something doing 6 or more damage can harm them. As for the zombies themselves, they have a transparent black shield only destroyed by throwing an Ever Orb at it. Note when the goos fuse, the shield regens. This makes them insanely powerful enemies, giving all the more reason to run.

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