By Terrarian Pony

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Knuckles:" Hello my friends, and welcome back to...


Crowbar:" We'd sorry for the recent twist of events involving the new Saturday thing and everything, but let's face nobody means sorry when they say it."

Knuckles:" Spoken like a true man."

Terrarian:" No, see... there is a reasonable explaination. There is not really a lot to talk about. That's why I've been asking you guys what you wanted me to talk about, but no one seems to respond. It's really hard to talk about so ething when there isn't anything to talk about. We skipped the last two weeks of TRR, because we really didn't have anything to say. And note, we aren't always going to be doing TRR every Saturday, for various reasons."

Crowbar:" That being said, listen to our radio broadcast. It's killer."

Terrarian:" We'll also be making F:T edits more often in the future, but we aren't getting many fans. If you could take a look at the Fallout: Terracraftia series, tell your friends, family... that's be nice."

Knuckles:" Yeah, that's all the time for today, hope you like our little broadcast. And if you didn't we're coming after you. I'm Knuckles."

Crowbar:" I'm Crowbar."

Terrarian:" And I'm Terrarian Pony."

Knuckles:" And we just scooped your eyeballs out on..."


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