By Terrarian Pony

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Knuckles:" What's up Wasteland?! I'm Knuckles...

Crowbar:" ...and I'm Crowbar...

Knuckles:" ...and you're listenin' to..."


Knuckles:" Welcome back everybody, and actually... a merry, merry raider Christmas to all of you."

Crowbar:" That's right folks, today's the day, and heck yes, we're gonna be prancin' in snow tonight. Heheh, well... ashes that is."

Knuckles:" Just a reminder, be careful when ya'll open yer gifts. There could be a nice big teddy bear, or maybe an explosive suprise. If you get lucky, you'd even find a voodoo doll somewhere under your tree."

Crowbar:" Pffft! Voodoo doll? Man that sounds like something a slaver would use."

Knuckles:" Wha-?"

Crowbar:" You know, 'cause... slavers. Instead o' bomb collars they could use voodoo dolls."

Knuckles:" I don't think we're on the same topic here."

Crowbar:" I'm just sayin'."

Knuckles:" Anyways, I strung up my Christmas skulls, how 'bout you Crowbar?"

Crowbar:" Done."

Knuckles:" Sounds cool."

Crowbar:" I also got a rigged bottlecap mine."

Knuckles:" Is that why your face look like the Nether today?"

Crowbar:" Nah, man. I started a fire last night in my own house, whilst cooking Christmas cookies for Santa Claus."

Knuckles:" Owch."

Crowbar:" On the bright side. I got an explosive Terra-Tech lunch box full o' bottlecaps in the mornin'."

Knuckles:" Yeah, I suppose that's cool. Well, we're runnin' outta time now, but we'll see you next time. I'm Knuckles..."

Crowbar:" ...and I'm Crowbar..."

Knuckles:" ...and you've been listenin' to..."



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