By Terrarian Pony

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Knuckles:" Hello wasteland! I'm Knuckles..."

Crowbar:" ...And I'm Crowbar..."

Knuckles:" ...And you're listenin' to..."


Knuckles:" Welcome back folks. It's about time for that raider New Year. I'm hoping whoever decided that placing C-4 explosives in my house last night was a good idea, gets a kick to the head by his own freakin' brahmin. I'm talkin' to you Killian. You better check under your pillow tonight, I might leave you a little gift. A bottlecap mine sound like just the thing for chumps like you."

Crowbar:" Bottlecap mine? That sounds too merciful. Let's go with... a nuka mine."

Knuckles:" I would... if I had one... but I don't... so I won't."

Crowbar:" In latest news, Terrarian Pony, the creater of the Fallout: Terracraftia series, has not been workin' on the Minecraft Fanon Wiki for a while. Instead, he has been working on a new project, on the My Little pony: Friendship is Magic Wiki. This new project is called... 'Fallout: Terracraftia (Pony Version)'."

Knuckles:" I don't know how to feel about this... it sounds like a new version of Fallout: Equestria to me. But hey, they do call him... 'Terrarian Pony', so can ya really blame the guy?"


Knuckles:" I mean at least the guy has found something he loves doin'. Besides, he's got a lot o' other projects he's doin' on the other wiki he's been workin' on, so let the guy be..."

Crowbar:" Hoooo no. That's not how I roll. Would you be the one workin' on that wiki if it were your idea?"

Knuckles:" ...Well yeah, I would. Hey, nopony wants to here from sour note, alright?"

Crowbar:" Di- did you just say... no-pony?"

Knuckles:" Yeah. Got a problem?"

Crowbar: <Looks very disappointedly in the other direction, while he strokes his chin> "I don't know man. I never liked the canon, I don't think I like the fanon either."

Knuckles:" Whatever. You just don't wanna admit that you like ponies. I know about that stuffed Rainbow Dash you got on your shelf."

Crowbar:" DUDE!"

Knuckles:" Oh look. We're runnin' outta time... I'm Knuckles..."

Crowbar:" <Snarls>"

Knuckles:" I said... I'm Knuckles..."

Crowbar: <Thumps his head on the desk, and sighs> "...I'm Crowbar..."

Knuckles:" ...And you've been listenin' to..."



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