What's a Fancy Creeper!?

A Fancy Creeper is a Creeper with a top hat.
Creeper in Top Hat
When killed it has a chance of dropping better items. It will drop its top hat sometimes in fact if you're lucky enough. The Fancy Creeper may even drop diamond weapons. These mobs are quite rare to find in the Overworld. There is a 25% chance for this mob to spawn. Over a light leve below 7, the Fancy Creeper will spawn in light levels above 8. But it won't spawn that much. You can summon one with a portal but the portal hasn't been planned yet. Althought it seems that this is just like any other Creeper, it does a 75% more damage, it will not be easy to kill this mob

You're gonna need a diamond weapon! This will be the only way to kill a Fancy Creeper, if you don't get a diamond weapon and use it on the Fancy Creeper, it will flinch and be knocked back. . . But will cause no damage! A Fancy Creeper has a life of 14 hearts. Its skin is just a disquise, its skin is really diamond armor!.

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