The Ferro dimension is the only dimension besides Overworld that has naturally spawned villages. Villages here are usually massive, spawning up to 5 iron golems at once and an average of 55 villagers. Beds go with a bang instead of a good sleep, just like Nether or End. It is populated with Ferrums. Iron ore has the rarity of wood, dirt, sand, and stone. Gold has the rarity of coal, and there are massive clusters of diamond ore hanging everywhere, in groups of up to 30. Village houses are made of iron blocks, and there is also some chests inside secret dungeons, There is the occasion that an enderman will spawn. Coal is not in the dimension. Uranium Ore naturally occurs here, at the rarity of coal. Cobblestone can be found sparcely here. Seas and oceans spawn, also, but no other zombie except drowned live in the dimension. Ferro Fortresses also spawn here.


To enter, place a ring of cobblestone on a 4x4 sand grid. Next, fill in the remaining 4 spaces with obsidian. Light all four with flint and steel. Take 16 sandstone and cover the top of the cobblestone+obsidian structure you have made. Place torches all around the sandstone. Mine all of the torches and sandstone you have placed. The obsidian will be replaced with black Ferro Portal Blocks. When you enter, a similar portal will spawn in the Ferro. You will be on the side of the portal.


  1. Iron Ore
  2. Gold Ore
  3. Iron Blocks
  4. Diamond Ore
  5. Uranium Ore
  6. Soul Sand
  7. Dark Prismarine
  8. Water
  9. Lava
  10. Plutonium Ore
  11. Polonium
  12. Latopin
  13. Radium
  14. Filaton


  1. Squid
  2. Ferrum
  3. Drowned
  4. Iron Fish
  5. Enderman
  6. Pufferfish
  7. Tropical Fish
  8. Sheep (only white)
  9. Villager
  10. Iron Golem
  11. Diamond Golem
  12. Snow Golem
  13. Ghasts (on Hard difficulty or higher)
  14. Ferractiscum

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