Ferructitus is the boss mob, native to the Ferro. Just as Ender Flappybird is to the End, and Wither hold to Nether, Ferructitus is the boss of the Ferro. It has 135 hearts of health and is extremely large. It is hostile to players, undead mobs, and nether mobs. It is immune to drowning. He has a gun he carries around. If lightning strikes him, 3 Ferrums will appear. Upon death, his levels will get you from 0 to 20 instantly.

Ferructitus is hostile to the following:

  • Wither and its variants
  • Skeletons and their variants
  • Zombies and their variants
  • Players in survival, adventure, or hardcore mode
  • Creepers and their variants
  • Spiders and their variants
  • Pufferfish
  • Endermites
  • Shulkers
  • Endermen and their variants
  • Villagers and their variants


To spawn Ferructitus in, make a 3x3 platform of Uranium Blocks. Replace the middle block with a redstone lamp. You have made a Ferrictus Beacon. Place 9 blocks of netherrack on top of the platform. After 10 seconds, those blocks will become dirt blocks, and Ferructitus will spawn at your spawn point.

Physical Stats

Ferructitus is 3 blocks tall, and is immune to drowning. He has 10 armor points and 135 hearts. He takes 10% of normal fall damge quantities. He carries a gun around and goes for undead mobs. If to no avail, he hunts out players and other enemies.

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