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Geonites are rare items, tools, and blocks.

Geonite Gem

Geonite Gems are rare and strong gems that can be obtained only by mining or smelting the ore. They can be used to craft Geonite-related tools and blocks.

Geonite Sword

Geonite Sword is crafted with 1 Nether Stick (crafted From 2 nether brick (item)) and 2 Geonite Gems. It has 9+ attack damage and 12.5+ speed damage.

Geonite Pickaxe

Geonite Pickaxe is crafted with 2 Nether Stick and 3 Geonite Gems. It can break ores quickly and easily, and break obsidian in only 2 seconds. It has 7.5+ attack damage and 4.5+ speed damage.

Geonite Hoe

Geonite Hoe is crafted with 2 nether stick and 2 Geonite Gems. It is a magical hoe that makes the farming layers keep soil.

Geonite Shovel

Geonite Shovel is crafted with 2 Nether Stick and 2 Geonite Gems. It can break dirt, gravel, sand, etc. swiftly, and can turn Grass into Grass Path blocks.

Geonite Axe

Geonite Axe is crafted with 2 Nether Stick and 3 Geonite Gems. It can break wood-related blocks swiftly.

Geonite Ore

A rare kind of ore, drops 1 Geonite Gem if broken with pickaxe (iron+), or up to 3 with Looting.

Geonite Block

Decorative block, crafted With 9 Geonite Gems, can be used as beacon pyramid.

Geonite Armor

Geonite Armor are possibly the strongest armor in the Minecraft Universe.

  • Geonite Helmet (5 Geonite Gems)
  • Geonite Chestplate (8 Geonite Gems)
  • Geonite Leggings (7 Geonite Gems)
  • Geonite Boots (4 Geonite Gems)


  • Geonite Gem resembles a Nether Star.
  • Geonite tools and armor parts are shaped differently than others.


This Block Might be in Ethan's game ''Blublox''

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