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The Grax are an interplanetary species in Galactia, native to Incinera but first encountered in the Badlands of Devakos.


The Grax by default have an invisibility effect applied to them, masking their skeletal nature and name. They have a large-eyed head with slick black skin. Their head was originally designed to be Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon.

They wear a bugged chestplate which has no practical effect, as it was accidentally given an armor bonus applied only when held, not when worn. It will probably be fixed "eventually", according to Sad My skin head 16.

The foot soldiers wear colored leggings dependent upon their planets. So far, they wear blue on Devakos and red on Incinera.

On Incinera, a separate caste, archers, reside in the Grax Commander's base. They wear bright orange leggings.


The archers behave no different to skeletons, having no alternative weapons. The foot soldiers rely upon the skeleton's backup programming, which allows it to attack melee if no ranged weapons are usable.

In Canon

  • They are a key component in the Invasion of the Grax mission, as they are not native to Devakos but seem to be there anyway.
    • This ends up being due to the local avalon having swiped down their ship from the air. The avalon is then fought as a boss.

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