Haloglomerate is a rare rock found in the Halotine Dimension. It occurs at 4 blocks per chunk, as veins are between 6 and 9. So it is 1 vein per 2 chunks. Haloglomerate can be made into 9 Halorock. It has a light level of 6 and is a darker Halorock, visually. On Education Edition, it has the same composition as halorock, just triple the atoms. It has the same bubble column and levitation effects as halorock. It cannot repel zombies, though. It cannot damage skeletons. But it can attract endermen, except ones who are raged at a mob or player.

Type of Block raw materials, compound materials
Stackable? Yes. (64)
Tool Used Iron pick or higher
Obeys Physics? No
Luminosity 6
Transparency Partial
Tool Time Harvestable?
Hand 65 No
Wooden 32.5 No
Stone 15 No
Iron 5.5 Yes
Golden 29.5 No
Diamond 3.9 Yes
Filaton 3 Yes
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