Witch Hunter Harvey Kent

Before "Accident"

Witch Hunter Harvey Kent Scarred

After "Accident"

Harvey Kent is a witch hunter and the arch nemisis of Keirain The Witch.


Before "Accident":He looks like a default Minecraft skin, but with blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears daimond armor and carrys a daimond sword.

After "Accident": He looks the same, but is half Zombie. His armour is Half Diamond and Half Gold, and he carries a daimond sword in one hand, and a gold one in the other.


Before "Accident": He was very calm and collected, always thinking about the best way to catch a whitch. He would apprehend them with his men, and put the witch in a kangaroo court trial, in which the witch would always be found guilty, and executed.

After "Accident": The "Accident" left him mentally broken, so much so that he developed a split personality. This personality is hot-headded and impulsive. He wants revenge on keirain.


He is from Mineu, and was known as the greatest witch hunter. Then one day he attempted to catch keirain, but was badly injured.


  • He is based on Harvey-Dent/Two-Face from batman.
  • The "Accident" was keirain throwing a  potion of harmin, healing, and poison on his face at the same time. This caused him to "die"on one half, while he was kep alive by the healing potion on the other.
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