Horde Hunters are leaping, reptilian quadrupeds, about 2 blocks tall, that have different, that hunt in massive packs of 2-20. They use their large front claws, leaping ability, and their numbers to overwhelm players and other animals. All packs are lead by an Alpha Hunter, about 4 blocks tall, that has red scales, glowing eyes, and leaping ability to finish off prey and predators.

They have several subspecies, one for each basic biome, each dealing a different status effect on hit. The Mountain Hunters deal weakness on hit, have aqua-green scales, crawl up walls, and doesn't take fall damage. Mesa Hunters Desert Hunter deal hunger on hit, and are faster, but have less health. Snow Hunters deal slowness on hit, have light blue scales, and are slower, but have more health. Swamp Hunters inflict poison on hit and are excellent swimmers. Jungle Hunters have green and brown scales, deal poison on hit, and hunt in packs of 20-30. Nether Hunters are one of the worst, dealing blindness on hit, are very fast, and deal little damage.

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