Hyper Zombies are mobs found when a Zombie is struck by lightning, it forms first by having its skin color changed to bright red, then it will form full red body color and become a Hyper Zombie.


It is very strong and has 12 hearts, it can deal the same damage of a normal Zombie but +3, it is very fast and powerful, it cannot be defeated by a wooden sword though. It can attack living mobs such as animals. It drops 0-4 rotten flesh, 0-1 redstone, 0-1 Zombie Chestplate (rare). It is neutral unless attacked or looked at. It most likely spawns in strongholds near the End Portal Frames. It also is immune to fire and lava, meaning it can spawn in the Nether. Hyper Zombies are not a good idea to make or farm redstone, as they are very hard to defeat. In creative mode, It will not attack if looked at, but it will if you hit it.

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