This subdimension allows the player to access to the sky.

also it allows access to Space.

Layer location

Upper Internal space/Outerspace

Outer space Located at Spacelayer 1 above(Layer 10000) Temp;-250 C(Dangerous)
Exosphere Located at Layer 5200-9999 Temp:-200 C(Dangerous)


Located at Layer 1500-5199 Temp:1500 C(Ex. Dangerous) Needed :Spacesuit/Thermal suit
Mesosphere Located at Layer 950-1499 Temp:-350 C(Dangerous)
Stratosphere Located at Layer 400-949 Temp:30 C(Warm)
Troposphere Located at Layer 0-399 Temp:24 -3 C(Warm)

Lower internal space

Mantle Located at Layer -1 - -300(Bottom of the bedrock) Made of Nether Quartz
Nether Located at Layer -301 - -600 Made of All Nether blocks and Lava
Outer core

Located at Layer -601 - -850

Made of Lava
Inner core Located at Layer -851 - 1100 Made of Metallic iron blocks
  • After Later 1100,The layer reverses as the player is in another side from the hole.
  • In here,The Nether was Moved to the Mantle and the Void is removed.
  • In the past versions,Minecraft earth Sets a void as the World was flat and just one place there is gravity.It was also not escapable.
  • Metallic Iron can be mined by Diamond Pickaxe for 20 seconds.
  • Its very hard to pass the Outer core as the Fluid there kills you unless you are in Creative mode or Wearing thermal suits.
  • The Lower internal space keeps and avoids the player in Creative from Dying.because the void is removed.
  • Metallic iron is only the block in creative that takes more time than the others.As its very stronger than Bedrock.

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