A Jennech Stand is a block in the form of a pedestal. It appears simple, but is one of the most expensive blocks in Sad's Fanon. It is used to summon the Deadcutter.


A Jennech Stand has a very similar texture to Pillar Quartz. It is somewhat darker, taking on a gray tone. Its texture is actually very subtly animated, glowing every so often with a very faint blue glow.
When it takes fulfilled form, the "grooves" on the texture (normally a darker color) instead light up bright blue.


By default, Jennech Stands are unfulfilled. If it is right-clicked on with loot from any of the Minibosses from the Celestis or Withus, it takes fulfilled form. At this point it can be used to summon the Deadcutter.
To summon the Deadcutter, a chicken must be led onto the fulfilled pedestal. The chicken will, once upon the Stand, die in a violently different manner to its normal death animation. Its head angles up to around 50 degrees of tilt upwards, and "bloody" particles spray out of its body at a very fast rate. These particles have gravity and obey collision rules, so they appear quite like actual blood is coming from the chicken. This occurs for about a second before the chicken dies and is replaced by the Deadcutter, which spawns a single block below the Jennech Stand before elevating up slowly to the surface, giving the impression that it is rising out of the block. At this point the Stand will take a channeled form, becoming a darker gray. It will no longer be able to be activated and used.


The Jennech Stand is crafted by surrounding a single block of Compressed Treasury with eight Eldritch Anchors in a crafting table.


Jennech Stands occur on the rare Raw Quartz islands in the Discarded Plane. They are unfulfilled, so it still takes work to unlock Deadcutters from them.
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