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Living Lava

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Coal version

Living Blocks are standard blocks that have human quality to them. They spawn 2% of the time when you break a block, and can be trained to protect themselves or you. They are related to Red Blocks.

Appearance and Stats

  • They resemble blocks.
  • They have 5 hp and deal 2 damage. They attack when hit.
  • Types: Cobblestone, Stone, Ores, Nether Blocks, Grass/Dirt, Log/Wood, Planks, sand/gravel, snow, cactus, water, lava, mineral blocks, Sponge.
  • Nether blocks and lava have a magma cube animation, while normal blocks have a slime animation.

Strategy: use a pickaxe, shovel, or axe to destroy stone, dirt, wood and other blocks that need a certain tool to break.


  • Whatever the Living Block was


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