Magic Gem is a spring green emerald with an orange middle. The Magic Gem is the strongest gem in tool, armor and sword durability and tool and sword entity damage, having 4787 durability for each tool, sword and armor, 14 health points for each sword entity hit, 12 for each tool entity hit, and wins compared to diamonds in the armor's damage absorption, the damage absorbed being 17, and adding 5 additional armor points to the bar whenever it was put on. Although the damage absorbed is 17 damage points, absorption only deals 1 damage to the armor. Its ore which has the emerald ore texture except with orange dots are found in veins of 2 - 7, emit and absorb spring green portal particles, and give off light level 1.5. It is rather hard to find, and its rarity is 0 - 1 veins in each chunk.



A Magic Gem block placed into any crafting slot gives back 9 Magic Gems.


A Magic Gem Ore drops 1 - 4 Magic Gems and 15 experience levels.


This way of acquiring is insufficient, since taking a drop from a person is probably more than one, crafting gives back 9 gems, and mining it out gives 1 - 4 Magic Gems

Smelting Magic Gem ore releases only 1 magic gem, which is rather insufficient, and a waste of a coal operation.

Drops (or Drop Parties)

Magic Gems can be given to a person by another person, and is probably 2 or more when given.

Unique Abilities



A pickaxe can instantly mine its own ore, and all other ores, and stone.


An axe instantly breaks down the whole tree you cut, including only 1 surrounding tree, giving a whole lot of wood, saplings and even apples.


It digs away dirt, grass, sand, gravel, clay and other dirt-type and soil blocks instantly, although grass takes extremely slight interval before it can be broken.


Tills a 5x5 area instantly, and hydrates all the farmland tilled in that area by 2 stages.


A sword can instantly kill all animals, deal no damage and popularity decrease to villagers (in case you accidentally hit a villager using it while attempting to hit a zombie), and low-health monstrous mobs are instantly defeated.



Deals 1 damage to whoever hits you and regenerates your health.


Deals 1 damage to whoever hits you and gives you fire resistance.


Deals 1 damage to whoever hits you and makes you move, sprint and sneak faster.


Deals 1 damage to whoever hits you and gives you fall damage resistance.

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