The Magma Pillar ability is an ability given to the player when Conflagra or a Glowstone Blaze Sword is equipped.


Conflagra's Aptitude Vessel takes about six seconds to fully charge. When the mouse is released, it will send a stream of lava particles into the ground. Lava will then erupt from the ground underneath nearby hostile or neutral mobs, dealing immense fire damage.

The radius from the player and the amount of mobs affected are both dependent on how far the Aptitude Vessel was charged beforehand. It will attack in a variable radius of one to ten blocks away from the player, and attack the nearest two to twenty mobs.

Repeated usage of this attack will quickly drain the amulet's Stamina Reliquary.

Glowstone Blaze Sword

Glowstone Blaze Swords endow wielders with access to both Magma Pillar and Flamewave, and as such are used differently.

When the Glowstone Blaze Sword's Aptitude Vessel is charged to its full extent and the player is focused on the top face of a block, it will automatically activate a weaker form of Magma Pillar, attacking up to ten mobs in a fixed radius of 5 blocks from the selected block, channeling via the sword instead of a stream of lava. If the player is not focused on the top face of a block, the Glowstone Blaze Sword will instead activate Flamewave.

Side-Along Effect

For more information, see Side-Along Abilities.

  • Side-Along Magma Pillars increase in attack radius and maximum mob number steadily.
    • The attack radius formula is r=0.5n+0.5 with n representing players.
      • This means that a two-player attack will have 1.5x the radius, a three-player attack will have 2x, a four-player attack will have 2.5x, etc.
    • The maximum mob number formula is simply m=2n with m representing mobs and n representing players.
      • This means that Side-Along Magma Pillar attacks just add together the maximum mob number of all the players.
  • Side-Along Magma Pillars also increase the pillar height substantially with each player.
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