Chapter 1. Spawn

I opened my eyes for the first time. Standing up, I looked around. My surroundings were very plain. Thinking about what to do next, my stomach rumbled. Realizing I needed food, I instinctively reached for my supplies, and had none. Another thought crossed my mind. Shelter. And items. I sighed. This was going to be a very long day. After walking for a bit, I spotted a tree. Wood was very important. I punched and kicked the tree several times, and it broke, leaving me with some wood. I repeated this until the tree was no more. I kept walking until I found a grassy overhang. Going under the overhang, I found it was cool and shady. I almost fell asleep on the spot, but knew I had to set up camp. After making a small wooden house, I went inside. Slumping on the floor, I instantly fell asleep.

Chapter 2. Night

After some time I realized it was night time, I thought I saw someone else, I went closer and closer, until I realized that it was a Zombie, I ran away, lost my way back and found some green, short, creepy guy, it exploded! Yet until now I still do not know what that was, I turned back, saw my house, and ran to it, but before I could open the door, I was almost shot by a Skeleton, I went inside, and slept again, until then I realized this will not be easy....

Chapter 3. Village

I woke up, starving, no food, and found a Village, I ran into one house, and nobody was there, so I decided to pack my stuff, and live there, when I saw somebody I was scared, I was comforted by him though, he was called Drake, and we were friends, I found some food, and got to eat, after eating Drake told me about this mysterious rumor, and told me this "There is a rumor, that when you go out at night, a black, tall, dark man comes from another dimension, planning to invade us...." before he could continue I felt something, something I don't understand, I fell on the floor, in my visions I saw the mysterious man, and quickly told Drake "I don't think that's a rumor.... I just saw this village in danger, in my visions, I had a flashback of the future, the world will never be the same..." and so I found a little open hole that led to a cave.

Chapter 4. Mining

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