Mayor Lucos is the mayor of Frenicia Village and used to rule it before mysteriously disappearing during the ambush of the Chaotic Silhouettes.


He appears to be a normal human with light skin, ginger hair, and amber eyes. He would be wearing a dark blue tuxedo, greyish-black pants, and light grey shoes.


He is usually serious and quiet. He prefers to work alone and gets pretty annoyed when it's too loud outside for him to work. Sometimes others consider it as a flaw when he is busy on his paperwork. He is brave, sturdy and fearless, which is a confusion to other residents of his village about why he disappeared during the ambush. However, he also enjoys his fellow residents to try out new things, as Lucos is pretty protective of his village. He can also be pretty humorous at times, especially when he's off work.


It's said in The Sage's Prophecy that he created the town using "magic" of his. It was a peaceful village, until war broke out, as evil entities known as Chaotic Silhouettes attacked their village. However, it only did a little damage to the village. Later on, he decided to create an army of guards and iron golems to protect the village from the silhouettes and any other danger to the village, no matter how dangerous, as long as it's bad. Every now and then, they will have both minor and major wars from time to time. However, one war changed it all. Lucos' armies were losing the battle, causing the silhouettes to destroy the buildings of the village. Because of this, he decided to help his village. He sacrificed himself by using his "magic"on the whole army, with the help of the development team behind the code. . Only a few died, but a lot got injured. However, he was nowhere to be found. It also killed half of the silhouette armies. The other half including Xenos were trapped in a forcefield separated from the code so they wouldn't glitch the code again.

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