A Mech is a grey robot with red glowing eyes, a black straight mouth, a wheel foot, redstone wires inside, red lines throughout the body indicating the locations of the wires, a glowing red square on the middle of the body, connecting the redstone wires to the body. This red square hides a redstone torch inside it that when broken makes the Mech explode. The redstone torch lets all the redstone wires work. When the redstone torch is deactivated, the Mech stops working and, after 10 seconds, explode. Mechs shoot red lasers from their hands from glowing red squares in the middle of the bottom hands to protect their maker; making is placed on the ground:

Making a Mech
None Mech Head None
Redstone Ore Mech Body Redstone Ore
None Wheel None

...and are started to work by a redstone pulse traveling through them, making the Mech come alive. When Mechs move, their wheels rotate. They stop moving when their wheels come to the tilt, 0 degrees clockwise (up). In default, their wheels are tilted 0 degrees clockwise. They stop moving for 1 second then rotate their wheels again to move.


  • Mechs can be used for storage as right-clicking a Mech will make a chest inventory pop up, and this chest inventory is for the Mech, noticeable by the label that says "Unnamed Mech" or the name of your Mech.
  • You can name one by opening the Mech storage and clicking on the label, making it into a modify-able text box where you put its name.
  • Mechs are rarely naturally generated.
  • Mechs is passive to its maker and passive mobs, neutral to other people and hostile to hostile and neutral mobs.
  • Mechs use redstone energy or redpower to function.