MC: 2D Quest is a 2D game based on Minecraft, it featured a storyline and several changes to Blocks & entities from Minecraft.


In MC 2D Quest is a 2D platformer/adventure game, the player plays as Steve and must go on a quest to slay the Enderdragon and Wither.

The Player uses the Mouse/Right Anolog stick to aim steve's fist/weapons, and the Arrow keys/Lef anolouge keys to make him move right/left and jump. The Player can destroy blocks (Left mouse button on PC/Mac ,A on Wii [and cancelled N64 version] and X on PS3.) and place destroyed blocks. He/she can also open their inventory (I on PC, + on Wii and start on cancelled N64 version and PS3)  and craft items w/ the things they've collected.

The game also introduces a new item, the primitive axe, crafted with 4 sticks and used for cutting down trees. The player will take damage if they punch a tree bare-handed. The Player can obtain sticks by destroying leaf blocks, and the new "bush" that is just a leaf block placed on the ground.






  • Zombies - Show up at night, no longer burn but become extremley slow in the daylight. Can now break through weak blocks.
  • Skeletons - Now stab the player with arrows if meleed, and will ride on spiders if they encounter them.
  • Spiders - Now climb up walls as far as neccesary. Will be ridden by skeletons if the two meet.
  • Creepers - No longer explode upon meeting the player, instead they bodyslam the player, and explode upon death.
  • Slime - Found in caves, leave a slimy trail and now lack eyes. Will absorb the player if they can.
  • Cave spider - Found in abandoned Mineshafts, Spawn from spawners that release a spider when killed.
  • Pigs, Cows, and Chickens - Now run around rampantly when hit, will injure the player if they run into him.
  • Squid - Now look more accurate, they have more conical heads, two longer tentacles and large eyes on the sides of their heads.
  • Octopus - Rename of original Squid mob. Now release ink upon being hit and will destroy any gold in the players inventory.


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