Characters of the Story

  1. Steve Cubeson: A human with intelligence in crafting and smelting. As the time goes by, he gets more and more intelligence, and a quartz will give him the best experience.
  2. Dr. Hiss Creps: A creeper with enough knowledge to heal any mob except the undead using the Healing Potion. He is scared of the undead. He was before bad, but became good when he saw Steve cut off the skull of a skeleton that was aiming for him.
  3. Mr. Zomboid Undead: As Dr. Hiss's worst enemy and the king of zombies, Steve is making plans to remove his crown and kill him.
  4. Screeches Ender: Screeches is Dr. Hiss's best friend, and became good when he saw Steve slice off a zombie into rotten flesh alone with no muscles or soul or bone left.
  5. Spotty: Steve's pet wolf. He never plays with ANY ocelot and tries to bite its tail until it runs away instead.
  6. Fr. Bob Cubeson: Steve's villager brother that became a priest to teach Notch's news.
  7. Vinebot: One of Steve's creations to defend Cobblewood Village and construct houses for homeless villagers.
  8. John Legs: A spider, and one of the twinspiders.
  9. Jonathan Legs: A cave spider, and one of the twin spiders.
  10. Herobrine Cubeson: Steve's brother that has gone insane after discovering the Nether.
  11. Notch Persson: The villagers, Steve, Dr. Hiss, Screeches, Fr. Bob, John, and Jonathan worship him as the creator of the Overworld.
  12. Jeb_ Persson: Notch's son. (note: the _ was meant)
  13. Snorts: Steve's pet pig.

Chapter 1: Beginning

Steve woke up beside a crafting table and a furnace. "Where am I?" Steve asked himself. He saw a chest in front of him. He took a bone, 40 pieces of planks, 4 glass panes, a wooden door, and 20 pieces of wood. He saw torches around the chest, so he picked each torch up. He built a shelter, not using the bone at all. "Now for what is this bone?" Steve asked his chest. A wolf was jumping around, homeless. Steve gave it a bone, and saw the wolf's eyes get bigger, and a collar spawning around his neck. The wolf was let into his new home and made to sit.

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