Minecraft: Mob Mashup! is a game by Mojang. It is a Super Smash Bros-style fighting game. It is on iPad, 3DS, Wii, Wii U, Nintendo Switch and Xbox 360.


NOTE: All unlockable characters' ways to unlock them are in the "Character Unlocking" paragraph.

  • Steve (Default)
  • Creeper (Default)
  • Zombie (Default)
  • Enderman (Default)
  • Witch (Default)
  • Slime (Default)
  • Iron Golem (Unlockable)
  • Snow Golem (Unlockable)
  • Ghast (Unlockable)
  • Blaze (Unlockable)
  • Zombie Pigman (Unlockable)
  • Charged Creeper (Unlockable)
  • Magna Cube (Unlockable)
  • Zombie Villager (Unlockable)
  • Herobrine (Unlockable)
  • iancolluahan1 (Only in iancolluahan1 edition)
  • adopolus (only in iancolluahan1 edition)
  • Special Johny (only in iancollahan1 edition)


  • Bihome Brawl
  • The End
  • The Nether
  • Creeper Cave
  • Snow Smackdown
  • Iron Ring
  • Final Heart
  • Youtube Doom (iancollahan1 edition only)

Character Unlocking

  • Iron Golem (Win in Iron Ring as Enderman 50 times)
  • Snow Golem (Win in Snow Smackdown as Creeper 25 times)
  • Ghast (Defeat Enderman as Zombie 75 times)
  • Blaze (Win as Creeper 50 times)
  • Zombie Pigman (Get 50 Pig powerups while playing as Zombie)
  • Charged Creeper (Win as Creeper 75 times)
  • Magna Cube (Get killed by lava as Slime 25 times)
  • Zombie Villager (Lose as Iron Golem 75 times)
  • Herobrine (Win as all characters 100 times, not counting iancoullahan1 edition characters)
  • iancoullahan1 (Win with Steve 25 times)
  • adopolus (Win with iancoullahan1 50 times)
  • Special Johny (Win with adopolus 100 times)

Power Ups

  • Pig (Gives 25 HP)
  • Sheep (Adds 5 Speed)
  • Cow (Gives 10 Armor)
  • Chicken (Allows the player to float)
  • Diamond (Invincibility)
  • Eye Of Ender (Adds 3 Range)
  • TNT (Adds 12 Power)

Achievements (Xbox 360 and Wii U only)

  • Welcome to Mob Mashup! (Play 1 round)
  • Ender of Time (Win as Enderman within 10 seconds)
  • Like A Boss! (Win 100 times as any character)
  • Like A Super Boss! (Win 100 times as any character only using 1 power-up)
  • Like A Supreme Boss! (Unlock Herobrine)
  • Like A Boss Over 9000!!! (Unlock every character and use every power up)
  • Once You Go Zombie... (Win 50 times as Zombie Villager)
  • Mmm TNT... (Collect 100 TNT power ups as Creeper
  • Scary Blaze Game (Critical Hit as Blaze 3 times in one round)
  • What is Enderman? (Have 500 HP as Enderman in one round)
  • The Final Creep-down! (Do explosion damage as Creeper during last 5 seconds of a round)
  • Oh My Ghast... (Win as Ghast without using Fireball)
  • What Time Is It? (Win 250 times as Steve)
  • Revenge of Zombie (Win as Zombie 100 times)
  • Super Ender-io Bros (Do fall damage as Enderman)
  • Swine In The Sky (Collect a pig power-up in mid-air)

iancoullahan1 edition

There is a special "iancoullahan1" edition of the game only on Wii and Wii U, based on the "8 ways to bully a kid in Minecraft" videos on Youtube. This version of the game adds the "Youtube Doom" stage and 3 characters: iancolluhan1, adopolus, and Special Johny. Both the stage and the characters are exclusive to this version of the game.

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