Wallpaper-minecraft grass

The teaser poster, which is an wallpaper.

Minecraft: The Film is an 2014 animated action-adventure comedy film that will release on April 15th, 2014. It will be animated by Element Animation, who animated Villager News, and Slamacow, who also made various Minecraft animations. Speaking of Villager News, the skits will appear as interludes in the film, and the Villager voice actors will return. It will be rated PG.


An unearthly beast named the Ender Dragon, and his three-headed accomplice, the Wither, plan to take over the Minecraft world with their army of monsters codenamed 'mobs' that they will send to the Overworld. Only four heroes can null his plans: Steve, an bold adventurer; Bert, an miner; Tim, an harvester/daredevil; and William, an builder. The four noble heroes, along with an very small handful of Villagers as well as the power of Notch will have the adventure of their lives as they fight mobs, meet the lovable Villagers, and struggle to survive. But there are also rumors that the Ender Dragon and the WIther are only pawns to an greater evil's plan...that evil is believed to be Notch's evil sibling.


The Chosen Ones: 

Steve: The leader of the four. He could be the responsible and caring leader, who enjoys adventuring and exploring the far reaches of the world.

Bert: The idea I have for him is that he could have an farmer accent in some way. 

Tim: The nervous one, although not exaggeratedly nervous. 

William: He would be the one who would invent things, although he's not an full genius. He also enjoys using TNT.

The Villainous Forces:

The Ender Dragon: He'd act like some sort of bossy, sophisicated, dark and burly king of some sort.

Wither: He'd be the typical loyal servant, only more detailed and less generic.

Herobrine: He would be himself - the freaky, pure evil, mentally infectious evil twin of Notch.

The Evil Mobs: They would be either mischeivous or simply ruthless.

Villager News 2 (Minecraft Animation)

Villager News 2 (Minecraft Animation)

Other: The Villagers: They would be similar to the Minions of Despicable Me: only smarter and slightly less shown.

The Good Mobs: They would be the other "cute character/comedy essence", with the most shown ones being the pigs, since they're my favorite mob.

What would be the attire for the four protagonists:

Also, here is the attire for the four protagonists, in case if you're wondering.

Steve: Teal t-shirt, indigo pants, black shoes

Bert: Crimson t-shirt, camo pants, brown shoes

Tim: Cream shirt, blue jeans, dark purple shoes

WIlliam: Green shirt, army green jacket, construction hat, black jeans, black work boots

More might be added.

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