The King: *Roars*

??: Sir! We can hold him off any longer! 

??: We have to escape through the Brown Ant! 

??: But nobody has seen that guy in years!

??: Looks like our only option is to continue fighting until we die!

The King: *Sweeps the ground with tail* *1,250 people die* 

??: We just killed 3/4 of our entire army with just one blow! We have to escape with any means necessary!

~ Meanwhile in the Overworld ~

Sama: *Was just born* *Is crying*

Sama's mother: Aww, he's so cute

Sama's father: *Is slightly crying*

~ Brown Ant Dimension ~

The armies started running away with all of their speed, but they couldn't escape this monster. The monster slowly started flying at them and gulped them all up. Afterwards he swallowed. 

The King: *Goes back into the tree of goodness and goes to sleep*

~ 10 years pass ~

Chapter 1

Part 1

Sama: *Wakes up* Huh? Where am I?

In the distance was just a land filled with grass, butterflies fill the sky, and life crawled all over the land. Everything was peaceful until an unfortunate being invaded. Sama was suddenly attemped to hit with a lazer.

Sama: *Gets up and backflips just in time* Crap.. Who are you?!

In the sky, a huge ship blocked out the sun and made a huge shadow over Sama.

???: We are from Planet Ratmro. And we have came to invade earth. 

In the distance all you could see was exact replicas of the ship we see now and them firing lazers onto the ground, destroying soil.

Sama: What do I do..?


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