Minecraft 1.13.1 s a small update after the official release of Minecraft 1.13. It was released in 23rd July 2018.

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Fish Egg

  • This can be placed and hatched. Silktouch is required to pick it up.


  • Found on Sunken Boats, it is somewhat similar to cobblestone walls but flatter and with wool.

Cold Magma Block

  • Looks like a magma block, except darker, producing no bubbles nor hurting enemies.

Redwood Wood

  • This has planks, leaf, stair, etc. Variants. This is similar to both acacia and jungle wood, however it's redder. Can be gained from 6 by 2 redwood trees.


Turtle Shell

  • Gives Slowness I and Resistance II, same protection as diamond armor. Increases swim speed by 2 blocks per second.

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