The Big World Update is a 1.13 update.


  • Ruby
    • Has armor and tools
  • Copper
    • Has armor and tools
  • Burned Bone
    • Has armor and tools which cause Wither when used to attack
    • Dropped by Wither, Wither Skeletons
  • Copper Coin
    • Some villagers will use this as an alternative to emeralds
  • Lightning Staff
    • Can be obtained by trading with Angels


  • Giraffe
  • Lion
  • Tiger
  • Boar
  • Penguin
  • Panda
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Scientist Villager
    • Trades potions for Copper Coins.
    • Is found in a new type of village house.
  • Redstone Bug
    • Can be found when mining redstone
    • Neutral mobs
    • Activate redstone when passed over
  • Angel
    • Found in the Sky Dimension
    • Basically villagers.
  • Diamond Chicken
    • Found in the Sky Dimension
  • Flying Cow
    • Found in the Sky Dimension
    • lol so random x3
  • Rats
    • Found in the Sky Dimension
  • Demons
    • Found in the Sky Dimension
  • Alt. Zombies
    • Found in the Sky Dimension
  • Rogue Villager
    • Found in the Sky Dimension
  • Giant
    • Found in the Sky Dimension
  • Vex Queen
    • Has powers of both Evoker and Vindicator.
    • Can spawn Vexes at will.
    • Is spawned by using a Lightning Staff on a square of Red Cloud Blocks.

Natural disasters

  • Sandstorms
    • Happen in desert, surrounded shelter can protect from it.
  • Earthquakes
    • Very rare, can create ravines.

Sky Dimension

  • Contains Vex Queen
  • Features Aether-style falling mechanics.
  • Its portal is built out of Bone Blocks and lit with a Burned Bone.
  • Endermen are faster and attempt to steal placed blocks.
  • Has cloud-like blocks that can be dyed red.

Other additions

  • Dunes biome
    • Sub-biome of desert, has a more varied heightmap

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