Not to be confused with Minecraft 1.14: The Hostile Update.

Minecraft 1.14
The Aquatic Update




  • Electric Eel
    • Spawns in Ocean Trench biome and rarely Coral Reef
    • Attacks also give players the Electrocution potion effect
  • Angler Fish
    • Rare in all biomes but Ocean Trench
  • Ingame Fish (Cod, Salmon, Clownfish and Pufferfish)
    • Cod, clownfish, and pufferfish spawn in all biomes but snow
      • Salmon only spawns in snow biomes
    • Pufferfish and clownfish are rare in all biomes but Coral Reef
    • Mob fish can be killed for their item counterparts
  • Pirate
    • Appear like skeletons wearing pirate attire and holding a stone sword
    • Spawn in shipwrecks
    • Wear iron boots with Curse of Sinking
  • Sea Turtle
    • Spawn in Coral Reef biomes
    • Can survive on land
  • Seaweed
  • Zebra
    • Appear as a variant of horses
    • Spawn in savanna biomes
    • Act like donkeys
  • Baby Skeleton
    • Shoot and move faster than adult counterparts
    • Has a Stray variant
  • Walrus
    • Spawn near water in snow biomes
    • Hostile to all fish mobs other than electric eels
    • Drop 0-4 leather when killed


  • Coconut
    • Drop from palm leaves instead of apples
    • Can be crafted into milk with a bucket
  • Maroon Dye
  • Angler Fish (Item)


  • Coconuts
  • Maroon Wool
  • Charcoal Block
  • Weather Sensor
  • Soulstone
    • Made from soul sand
    • Has pillar, stair, and slab blocks
  • Corn Crop
  • Placers
    • Work like dispensers, but place blocks instead of dispensing items
  • Sugar Cane Block
  • Snow Bricks
  • Coral Block
    • Dyeable
  • Cosmo
    • New type of flower
    • Can be made into maroon dye
  • Seaweed
    • Appears in normal, light, and dark variants
      • Normal is encountered in ocean biomes
      • Light is encountered in Coral Reef
      • Dark is encountered in Ocean Trench


  • Palm Trees
    • Spawn on beaches nearby a Coral Reef biome
  • Shipwrecks
    • Naturally generate in ocean biomes


  • Curse of Sinking
    • Causes players to sink in water
  • Curse of Shattering
  • Causes armor to break faster
  • Curse of Absorbing
    • Positive potion effects are negated
  • Curse of Breaking
    • Lowers tool durability


  • Coral Reef
    • Rarely encountered inside ocean biomes
    • Sea is 40 blocks shallower
    • Source of all colors of coral blocks
    • Spawns pufferfish, cod, and clownfish at an increased rate
    • Spawns sea turtles and electric eels
    • Source of light seaweed
  • Ocean Trench Biome
    • Rarely encountered inside ocean biomes
    • Sea goes 20 blocks deeper
    • Water color is darker
    • Spawns angler fish, electric eels, and rarely fish
    • Source of dark seaweed


  • Wood variants for trapdoors
  • Electrocution potion effect
    • Given by electric eels
  • Igloos are now made of snow bricks
  • Maroon dye color

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