• Ghastly Torch: Lights up the area from 20 blocks out. Crafted by using a torch and Ghastly Poison. Rarely Dropped by Ghastly Zombies.
  • Ghastly Apple: Found on Ghastly trees. Found in the Ghastly Biome. Crafted by using an apple and Ghastly Poison. Causes the Nausea effect.
  • Ghastly Poison: Dropped by Ghastly zombies.


  • Ghastly Zombie: Has nausea affect when hit. Spawns in the Ghastly Biome.
  • Lake Monster: Found in lakes in swamps. Do not look in the eye. Faster than an Enderman. Stronger than a Zombie Pigman. 20 Hearts of Health.
  • Wastelander: Found in the Desert Biome. As fast as The player. Looks like a Steve with ruined clothing. Will trade like a villager. Trades for food.
  • Night Watcher: A giant bird found in any biome. Will snatch off the Player if found. 100 Hearts.
  • The Hungry: An alternate version of a Zombie. Drops food in a line to lure you into traps. Can be found in packs of 5. Found anywhere. 10 Hearts.

​The Ghastly Biome

  • Ghastly trees with Ghastly Apples.
  • Bedrock Flowers... Are as strong as they sound.
  • Filled with the new Hostile Mobs.

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