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Minecraft 1.17: The Caves and Cliffs was an update released for Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition. It released worldwide August 6th, 2021.

The Update was made to accommodate the new consoles, and therefore take advantage of their power. Despite this, the game is still playable on mobile, older consoles, and Java.

The Village has two pillars. The first one is doing its name, updating Caves and Cliffs as well as other world generation. The second pillar was to go back and add features that would have made sense being added in 1.12-1.16.



  • Copper Pipe: The copper pipe is crafted with copper, iron, and resdstone. It is used to transfer items between chests, hoppers, furnaces, and all things that are in the hopper system. It makes it easier to move items to and from locations.
  • Dyed Bricks: Despite saying it would never happen, Mojang buckled down and added dyed bricks. Basically all 16 colors for bricks and all its family.
  • Dyed Planks: Despite saying it would never happen, Mojang buckled down and added dyed planks. Basically all 16 colors for wood and all its family.
  • Dyed Redstone Lamps: Despite saying it would never happen, Mojang buckled down and added dyed redstone lamps.
  • Lightning Rod: The lightning rod is an object crafted out of copper used to attract lightning to it and away from flammable objects. It emits a one-time powerful redstone signal that stretches nearly 100 redstone pieces before needing a repeater. After that, normal distance. The powerful signal also travels faster.
  • Locked Chest: The locked chest is a chest that is locked and can only be opened with a key. This was added to ensure that players beat certain enemies to obtain items. They are crafted with a chest and a lock.
  • Skulk Sensor: The Skulk Sensor is a new redstone component that spawns in Deep Dark Cave Biomes. It detects sounds and shoots a signal.

Weapons & Items

  • Blazed Shield: The blazed shield is an item dropped by the Hovering Inferno. It is a much more powerful shield with a flamed effect. It burns wooden weapons that touches it, severely damages others and sets and bare handed attackers on fire. It is more durable than the wooden shield.
  • Flame Sword: The flame sword is a sword crafted using netherite and
  • Frostburn Sword: The Frostburn Sword is a new sword in the game needed to kill the Hovering Inferno. In order to obtain it, players must find and siege an Illager Villa. As they approach it, an event will begin. Waves of Illagers from inside the Villa will pour out. After four waves, three Iceologers will attack. After the final one is killed, a key will drop and the player can unlock the chest. From inside they can obtain the sword. This was added for a sense of adventure and challenge to hardcore players.
  • Key: These are keys that are used to unlock both doors and chests. They are crafted with gold and copper. Left clicking a key on a locked item will bind that key to a lock. Only one key can be binded, and in order to duplicate it you must use a blast furnace.
  • Lock: Locks are used to lock doors, trapdoors, fence gates, and chests.
  • Telescope: Crafted using the new crystals and copper, the telescope allows players to look far away. It can be mounted on a stand and a crossbow.
  • Telescope Stand: A stand used to mount a telescope.



  • Hovering Inferno: The Hovering Inferno was originally Mob D in the first vote. It was added to the game because they wanted to build on their 1.16 Nether improvements. The Hovering Inferno lives in the new Nether Fortress, in the center tower. It has 250 health and has shields protecting its insides. Players will need to construct the new frostburn sword to damage its shields. Killing it gives the player the Flame Shield. Once the shield are broken, the player must fight its insides while it flashes blazes of fire constantly. It drops a lot of blaze rods, the blazed shield, and


  • Warden: The Warden is a mini-boss that lives in the Deep Dark Caves and Strongholds. They cannot see and can only see through sound. They are extremely powerful but can be distracted with sounds, or overwhelmed with multiple fireworks.

Hostile Mobs

  • Blazed Skeleton: Blazed Skeletons are new nether mobs that live in the new and improved nether fortress. The are powerful and carry a gold sword. They have a chance of setting you on fire.
  • Iceologer: The Iceologer is an Illager type who lives in the mountains. Living in the Illager Villa, they have been researching dark magic and have given themselves Ice Powers. After killing the final Iceologer in a Villa Purge, the player will receive the Frostburn Sword.
  • Scorpion: Scorpions are hostile mobs that live exclusively in the desert. Similar to the spider, they are larger than in real life to make them more scary. Each attack gives the player Posion. They live in both the day and the night, and have a slightly less spawn rate than creepers.
  • Snatcher: The Snatcher was originally Mob A in the first vote. It was added to the game because they wanted to build on their 1.13 Ocean Improvements. The Snatcher uses its tongue to snatch mobs and consume them. They enjoy consuming Glowsquid and fish, and players.
  • Vultures: Vultures live in the Badlands and fly around. They do not attack players, but will steal anything they drop. When players die, Vultures will likely take 10-20% of the dropped loot.

Passive & Neutral Mobs

  • Axolotl: The Axolotl is an aquatic lizard that lives in cave lakes. They can be tamed and used as underwater soldiers similar to dogs.
  • Cluckshroom: The Cluckshroom lives in the mushroom biome alongside Red and Brown Mooshrooms. It poops out mushrooms and cluckshroom eggs. These eggs can be used to create Super Mushroom Stew.
  • Elephant: Elephants live in the Savanna. The only purpose they serve is to be decorative.
  • Frog: The frog is a passive decorative mob to make the swamp feel more lived in.
  • Giraffe: Giraffes live in the Savanna and eat leaves. They are a great way to get rid of leaves quickly. Other than that, they only exist for decoration.
  • Glowsquid: The Glowsquid is a variant of the squid that glows and emits ambient light around the water. It has the same stats as the squid, but they spawn in cave lakes and Deep Oceans.
  • Goat: Goats are mountain sheep. They live on the mountains and enjoy ramming mobs off the side. They can be milked, and drop mutton when killed.
  • Lion: Lions are neutral mobs that live in the Savanna. They attack all mobs they see, but won't attack the player if they don't pose a threat. If a player is too close to them, their young, or holding a weapon the lion will attack back. They are fast and strong, you are recommended to take an ostrich with you when you fight them.
  • Meerkat: Meerkats are mobs that make the desert more lived in. They live in burrows and don't really do much.
  • Moobloom: The Moobloom lives in Flower Forests. They collaborate with bees. Bees pollinate the flowers on their backs, which allows them to produce Healing Nectar. Moobloom's are targets of Illagers, and during raids Illagers will try to steal your Moobloom. If they succeed, they will place a lead on it and rush it out of town, and will teleport to the nearest outpost once out of view of any player.
  • Ostrich: The Ostrich is a bird that lives in the Savanna and a new source of feathers. They can be tamed and mounted using a saddle and a lot of seeds. If you anger them though, you likely won't survive. They run fast and are great transportation through the Savanna because they fight back when they're hit. They also lay eggs that can produce babies if mated. In order to approach them, you must throw seeds on to the ground to gain its trust, then you can try to mount and tame it, while feeding it seeds the entire time.


New Structures

  • Abandoned Village: The abandoned village lives within the Badlands. It has no living creatures in it, no water, no crops, no loot. Something tried to escape....
  • Illager Villa: The Illager Villa sits on the top of mountains, usually situated on a steep cliff that overlooks the world. Thanks to new generation, the ground the Villa sits on is flat and naturally fits in with the rest of the generation. The Villa is the home of Iceologers, and three or four usually spawn their alongside other Pillagers.
  • Mining Outpost: The Mining Outpost is a structure that lives within the Badlands. It is situated close to abandoned villages, and lead to the depths of the world through ladders.

Updated Structures

  • Desert Temple: The Desert Temple has been reworked. It is now much larger, while keeping the original design. The underground however has been vastly changed. A large maze now sits under the temple, filled with traps. Its original constructors got their hands on Sculk Sensors and are using them in their traps. Husks spawn around the temple more frequently than in other locations at night and inside of the temple at all times.
  • Nether Fortress: The Nether Fortress has been update. It has four pillars in each corner and one in the center where the Hovering Inferno lives. The other four house blaze spawners. The center contains large hallways and feasting areas where hoglins sit caged. They sit in the middle of large lava oceans and stretch to four edges where bridges meet land.
  • Stronghold: The Stronghold has now been reworked. Better generation makes sure that the underground doesn't interrupt with its generation. Now built out of Enchanted Stone, you can only get into a stronghold through a cave linking into it. The insides are better generated and the portal room is now guarded by a Warden.


New Biomes

  • Deep Dark Caves:
  • Dripstone Caves:
  • Lush Caves:

Updated Biomes

  • Badlands: The Badlands now have tumble weeds that blow through them, flower cacti, and vultures. On top of this, they have abandoned villages and mining outposts.
  • Deep Ocean: The Deep Ocean can now extended as deep as 100 blocks. The preasure is so extreme only a few mobs can live that deep. Glowsquids, Snatchers, and Megladons are the only mobs that can. The depths of the ocean have
  • Desert: Deserts now generate in a new way. Water rarely spawns in them, and they hardly spawn near oceans. The only biomes they can border are the Savannas and Badlands. Oasis can spawn within them. Meerkats live in the desert as a playful mob and Scorpions live as a hostile mob. Desert Temples have been reworked.
  • Mountain: Mountain generation has been updated to create better and taller mountains. With the new update, Mountains now have the ability to spawn Goats, Iceologers, and Illager Villas.
  • Savanna: Savannas now have a second tree, the Baobab which is lighter orange. Ostriches, Lions, Elephants, and Giraffes live in the Savanna as well.
  • Swamp: Swamps have been updated. Frogs and alligators live in the swamp now. Instead of oak trees, Mangroves now grow in the Swamp as well as Cattails, your new overworld source for brown dye.


  • Super Mushroom Stew: Super Mushroom Stew is made from mushrooms and cluckshroom eggs. It gives more health and stamina than normal mushroom stew.


  • Doors can now be locked using a lock.
  • Fence Gates can no be locked using a lock.
  • Trapdoors can now be locked using a lock.
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