1.17, the first release of Builder's Update is an update for Minecraft: Java Edition released on May 9,

2022. This update's theme is focused for builders expanding their building ideas by adding blocks, tools, items, and more.

Snapshots and Prereleases



Dyed Planks

  • Can be dyed into the same colors as Wool
  • Obtaining: Paint regular wood, Trading, Villages, Creative Inventory
  • Color can be washed off by water touching it

More Fences: Barbed Wire Fence, Iron Fence, Spike Fence, Electric Fence

  • Spike fence will deal damage when stepped on top, 2 hearts per 1.5 seconds
  • Electric fence will electrocute you when touch, electrocution similar to lightning
  • Crafting recipes shown in gallery (applies in every craftable item)
  • Obtaining: Barbed Wire Fence - Villages; Iron Fence - Villages, Shipwrecks, Pillager Outposts; Spike Fence - Villages, Pillager Outposts; Electric Fence - Villages, Pillager Outposts


  • Decorative support for buildings
  • Circular like a cylinder
  • Can be found in Villages, Strongholds, Pillager Outposts, Ocean Ruins, and Shipwrecks

More types of doors: Brick Door, Stone Brick Door, Stone Door, Smooth Stone Door, Sandstone Door, Dirt Door :P , Quartz Door, Nether Brick Door, Endstone Door, Endstone Brick Door, Purpur Door, Prismarine Door, Prismarine Brick Door, Dark Prismarine Door, Smooth Sandstone/Red Sandstone Door, Cobblestone Door, Mossy Stone Brick Door, Granite/Diorite/Andesite and Polished Stone Doors, Blackstone, Polished Blackstone, Blackstone Brick Doors, Dyed Plank Doors, Iron Bar Door, Electric Door, Security Door, Modified Security Door, Command Block Door (creative only)

  • Have their own page because it's so much to explain these :P


  • More types: Dirt Slabs, Grass Slabs, Netherrack Slabs, Wool Slabs, Log Slabs (all types), Bark Slabs (all types), Leaves Slabs (all types), Gravel Slabs, Coarse Dirt Slabs, Grass Path Slabs, Farmland Slabs, Sand Slabs, Red Sand Slabs, Terracotta Slabs, Glazed Terracotta Slabs, Concrete Slabs, Powdered Concrete Slabs, Clay Slabs, Hardened Clay Slabs, TNT Slabs, Coral Slabs, Dead Coral Slabs, Kelp Block Slabs
  • Slabs can now be placed sideways by clicking on the face of a block (shift clicking places it horizontally)

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