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1.18 (know as Epic Update) - This is a new update that will be released in the summer of 2022 on the Java and Bedrock versions at once. This update almost completely changes Minecraft for the better.

New Biomes


Tundra is a previously unused biome in the game. This biome is similar to the tundra in real life. There, except for the typical mobs, no one lives at night.

Crimson-Distorted Forest

Crimson-Distorted Forest is another new biome added to the game, which is in the lower world. The chance of him appearing in the game is 11.6 percent.

The End Forest

The End Forest is another new biome in the game, which is a new part of the Ender World. Appears in the Islands of the End and in the Cities of the End.

New Mobs

Lone Wanderer

The Lone Wanderer is a player-neutral mob. If you hit him, he will turn on the player and try to kill him. If the player gives him 1 diamond, the Wanderer will help the player in mining and in the battle with mobs.

He is dressed in black leather clothing and a farmer's hat. Carries a diamond sword. Also, a lone wanderer drops his sword and 3 loaves of bread when he dies.

King of the Piglins

The King of Piglins is a player-neutral mob that commands piglins and brutal piglins. If you give him 3 bars of gold, he will give you 11 loaves of bread and an iron breastplate and iron shoes.

When he dies, he drops 3 gold bars and a gold breastplate.

Wandering Illager

Wandering Illager is a player-hostile mob that is the evil version of the wandering trader. He is dressed in the same outfit as the traveling trader, but in black and gray stripes.

When he dies, he drops the leash and 2 emeralds.

Netherite Golem

Netherite Golem is a player-friendly mob that lives in the nether world. If he sees any hostile or neutral mobs, he will immediately run to attack them. It can also give the player a magma clot or a block of magma.

When he dies, he doesn't drop anything from himself.


Giraffes is a player-friendly mob that can only be found in the Savannas. You can also ride a giraffe if you feed it an apple.

When he dies, he doesn't drop anything from himself.


Flamingo is the second new mob for Savanna, which is peaceful for the player. They are like in real life, walking alone and in the game.

When they die, a new item is dropped from them - Flamingo Skin, from which the player can make a flamingo costume.

Brown Bear

Brown Bear is a player-hostile mob that attacks the player, foxes, and chickens. It can only be found in an ordinary forest. It also appears sometimes as a whole flock.

When he dies, he doesn't drop anything from himself.


The frogs is a player-friendly mob that is only found in swamps.

At his death, the frog drops a frog tongue, which must be fried in the oven to make a potion of Jumping Frogs.


Vultures are mobs that are hostile to the player and will attack the player in packs. Vultures also attack animals, especially pigs. Vultures are found only in the wastelands, in their nests, which are located on the tops of the mountains of the wasteland.

When the vultures die, they drop off the vulture's wings, which can be used to repair the elytra and upgrade them, and they will look like the vulture's wings.


The owl is a player-friendly mob that simply looks at the player and flies. The owl lives in a dark forest and hunts forest mice.

At death, the Owl does not drop anything from itself.

Forest Mice

Forest mice are player-neutral mini-mobs that are afraid of Owls. As well as Owls live only in the dark forest. And sometimes with a 2.5 percent chance, they can end up in caves.

When he dies, he doesn't drop anything from himself.


Villager-Miner is a a player-friendly mob that can also bargain with him, just like ordinary residents. The player can also sometimes watch them dig a mine and mine coal and iron, as well as emeralds.

When they die, they drop 2 coals and one iron ingot.

New Structures

Cave Villages

Cave Villages is a new structure of caves as a village. This cave village is inhabited by Villager-Miners who trade only coal in exchange for ore or vice versa.

Swamp Villages

Swamp Villages is a new kind of village in the swamp, where residents live, dressed in the style of their habitat. You can also bargain with them. These are the only villages that cannot be raided.

Jungle Villages

Jungle Villages is another new jungle village. The houses in these villages are located in trees in the jungle or on small lakes. The villagers in this village can tame their parrots.

Abandoned Forester's House

The abandoned Forester's House is another new structure added to the game. It looks like a house with a lot of cobwebs and vines, and there is a chest hidden under the house, where you can sometimes find valuable things for the player.

Unfinished Bridge

Unfinished Bridge is an abandoned structure that appears near the small banks of the Overworld. It looks like a bridge that is put 3 by 3 blocks of oak planks.

Nether Caves

Nether Caves is a cave structure found in the nether world. These mines are sometimes visited by Piglins, who watch the player so that they do not steal their gold from the mines. Ancient Debris can also be found in these mines.

Piglins Outpost

The Piglin Outpost is a nether version of the Illager Outpost, only this Outpost is located in the nether world. There is a chest of gold and 4 Brutal Piglins.


Pyramids are another new structure for Minecraft. There are quite a few challenges and traps for the player in this pyramid. And after reaching the end and finding the treasure, the player still has to fight the boss in the pyramid: the Ancient Pharaoh.

New Items

Flamingo Costume

A Flamingo costume is something like a new piece of equipment for the player, which can be made from the skin of a flamingo by killing the flamingo itself. By wearing a flamingo costume, you get the achievement: "One of the Flamingos!".

Vulture Wings

Vulture wings are an item that can be obtained by killing a vulture. From these wings, the player can repair the elytra.

Frog Tongue

Frog Tongue is item that falls out when the frog dies. This language the player must fry in the oven and he will be able to make a potion Frog Jump.

Frog Jump Potion

Frog Jump Potion is a new type of potion that can be foggy, explosive, and ordinary. The effect of this potion will go either 3 minutes or 8 minutes, just like other potions.

New Blocks

End Oak

End Oak is a block that can be obtained everywhere in the End Forests.

Spider Eye Block

The Spider Eye Block is a block that is crafted from 9 spider eyes.

Heart of the End

The heart of the End is a block that can be found by digging in the center of the End Islands. This block can not be crafted only extracted in the End. Also, this block can freeze the Ender Dragon for 1 minute just once.

End Sand

End Sand is another new block for the Ender World, which slows the player down in the same way as the Sand of Souls.


A box is a square block-an item that can be crafted or purchased from a Villager or a Wandering Trader.

New Bosses

Cave Mutant

Cave Mutant is a medium-sized mob boss that is found in the very depths of dark caves. He throws fireballs at the player, which deal damage to the player.

Ancient Pharaoh

Ancient Pharaoh is the second new boss added to the game. He has the ability to abruptly teleport and summon skeletons to help the Pharaoh kill the player. If the player kills this boss, he will pass the test with the title: "Return Back to the World of the Dead".

New Generations

The Overworld

Now The Overworld has become more realistic. New beautiful mountain view from 1.17, realistic tree view, big river and lakes, and more beautiful world landscape. And at night, fireflies now appear in the world, which adorn the night view of the world.


Now the Savannahs are as realistic as the Overworld. Realistic river trees, new mob and perfect landscape.

Dark Forest

Now the trees in the dark forest have become much taller and have become much more obstructed by the light, which gives more chances for forest mice and hostile mobs to appear. Also at night in the dark forest will appear fireflies, as well as in the Overworld at night.

Changes and Innovations


  • Now Warden can kill with two strikes.
  • Now the flower can't break the anvil.
  • The old iron ore texture has been brought back into the game.
  • The texture of the diamond ore is changed to a better one.
  • Now the Illagers make different sounds.
  • Obsidian now breaks down a little faster.


  • Steve and Alex now have an eyes animation.
  • The Enderman's eyes now glow in the dark.
  • Now the saddle and horse armor can be crafted.
  • Now the boat crashes again when it hits the blocks.
  • During the teleportation to the nether world, you can now write in the chat.


  • This update has been divided into two parts. The first part of the update is 1.18. And the second part is 1.20.
  • The previously unused Tundra biome was added to this update. Which will be updated.
  • This update has become a significant update for your game, as well as the 1.8 update.