Minecraft 1.8.2 is the next version of Minecraft coming out February 2nd, 2015. It includes A new armor slot, the Gauntlets.


  • The Gauntlets (Leather, Chained, Gold, Iron, and Diamond)
  • Deer Spawner, there is now deer and when killed drops raw venison and rarely fur.
  • Raw Venison
  • Cooked Venison
  • Deer Fur (can be made into a fur coat in the crafting table or for brewing, otherwise useless)
  • 5 armor slots instead of 4, since there is now Gauntlets
  • All Bugs Fixed
  • The Aliore, the opposite of The Nether, is now added. It is created by using Redstone Blocks in a 4x4 fashion, Torches on each corner, and then touched with Flint & Steel. It features a new liquid called Sink Sand. You walk slowly in it and if you stop for too long you start to stink, then die by suffocation. If your lucky, you will fall into a cave and you'll survive. It also features a very lot of Gold, Lapis Lazuli, and Diamond Ore.

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