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Minecraft 2: Curse of the Void
Platforms :

Xbox 360
Playstation Network
Micrsoft Windows

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Prequel :



Minecraft: the Mine of Doom

Sequence :


Minecraft 2: Curse of the Void is a 2017 sequel for Minecraft. Unlike its predecessor, this game has new features, including a plot and new gaming modes, mobs, places, etc...


The Wither was messing with some potions brewed by Admiral Bones until one of them accidentally fell on the ground. The potion causes the floor to rot. The Wither found out he had a new weapon. The player can then choose what happens next after the scéne switched to the house of Steve, the player :

  • If the player goes crafting, then nothing happens.
  • If Steve goes to his secret underground base to work in his garden, he notices Bones in there. Bones flees immediately, but not before secretly slopping some of the potion on the floor.
  • Steve notices the potion nearly destroying the village if choosing to visit Guns.

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