Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither
Current Seasons : 9
Genre : Action, animation, comedy
Premiere date : Possibly April 2014
Rating : 9+
DVD's : 4
Game : Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither : The Game
Developers & Producers : Magmacore Developement
Countries where it's shown :

U.S.A, Belgium, Canda, UK, Asutralia, New Zealand, Youtube

Things in the show which may not be seen by kids under 9 years old :
  • Violence
  • Fear
  • Crude Humor
  • Usage of weapons
  • Bad Launguage

Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither is a Minecraft television series that started on April 4, 2014. It airs on Nick Toons, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Boomerang. The series has an official wiki.

Characters (not finished yet, feel free to help out)

  • Steve: the main character
  • Marino:  Steve's twin brother living in the village
  • Piggy: Steve's pet pig. He rarely appears.
  • Woola: Steve's pet sheep. She rarely appears.
  • Wolves: Steve has 11 tamed pet wolves that barely appear.
  • Ocelots: Steve has 4 tamed pet ocelots that appear very rarely.
  • Moomoo: Steve's pet cow. He appears rarely but the most out of all pets.
  • Chicky: Steve's pet chicken. He appears barely.
  • The Wither: the main antagonist
  • Skeletons, Creepers, Wither Skeletons & Endermen: Servants of the Wither
  • Admiral Bones: the leader of the Skeletons
  • Mr. Atomus Explosive: the leader of the Creepers
  • Major-General Gray: the leader of the Wither Skeletons
  • Enderdragon: leader of the Endermen and the Wither's butler. Was later degraded to waiter.
  • Corporal Lightningbolt: the leader of Bones, Explosive and Gray and the Ghast army in the first episodes; was later only leader of Ghast Army.
  • (Lord) Herobrine: Notch's 'dead brother' who often appears on full moon
  • Humans & Villagers: Steve's friends
  • Giants: Giant Zombies wich appeared in Hallo-Craft Mine-Ween. They also appear alongside the normal zombies in the episode Zompie and Chicken Jockey ???.
  • Mary Witch: The beautiful, 15-aged witch Marino falls in love with.
  • Rana: Marino's love interest in the first episodes.
  • Chef Zombie: The founder of Chinese Undead and Itialian Corpse.
  • Bob: Steve's arch-nemesis nr. 2 !
  • Foxes: Steve decides to care for 2 homeless foxes starting from the episode Cranberry. They only appear in that episode and the movie.
  • Pigman Marshal: The leader of the Zombie Pigmen.
  • Felonius Guns: Referred as Mr. Guns in the show, he's the treacherous major of the village, equipped with a revolver, like his name implies. NOTE : Mr. Guns is a parody of Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. His name is even a pun on him.
  • Scratchcry Wolverine Wolfgang : A red wolf being held captive by Mr. Explosive. He's a protagonist, wich is actually the reason why he's captured.
  • Scratchgolem: A robot created by The Wither. He's a parody on General Grievous from the Star Wars series.
  • Slender Man: Often referred to as Slenderman, this creepy man is the best friend of Lord Herobrine !
  • Sub Lieutenant Typhoon: The leader of the Magma Cubes.
  • Grezson: A graceless, cold-blooded Shadow Creepire Tirailleur and Gunslinger.
  • Gowl:  A evil ghoul who was the "baddie" in The Tormentor.
  • Friendly Wither: A villain who mesmerizes her victims to do gruesome things...
  • Shutcase, Throwback and Overdata: Three Magma Cube, Slime and Blaze commanders, respectively.


Season 1 (2013)

  • Pilot : Steve enters the Void to save Piggy after he fell in it... (First appearance of Bones, Steve and Piggy)
  • Episode 1 : (Underground) Steve goes mining but Mr. Explosive is there too... (First appearance of Wolverine, Mr. Explosive and the Creeper Servants)
  • Episode 2 : (Trouble goes on Steve) : Admiral Bones sets out his Skeletons to lure Steve into their trap. Will Steve fall for their disquise ? (First appearance of Skeleton Servants)
  • Episode 3 : (Money Tells) Steve discovers that the Wither replaced the money on his bank account with fake dollars. Let's just hope the bank manager doesn't find out... (First appearance of The Wither and the bank manager)
  • Episode 4 : (Homeless Marino) When a Creeper Army leaded by Mr. Exploive blows up Marino's house , Steve tries to build a new house for him. But the foreman called by Steve is actually Admiral Bones in disquise. (First appearance of Marino and the villagers)
  • Episode 5 : (Hallo-Craft Mine-Ween) Steve and a few other villagers go to the cemetery on November 2, 1:45 hour. But when everyone goes home, Giants rise out of their grave. (First appearance of Giants and Zombie Villagers) NOTE : this episode is halloween-themed and will be shown each year on October 27, on 23:00. Also, the name consists of two words, Halloween and Minecraft.
  • Episode 6 : (Ender Tears) The Wither abducts Piggy, Woola, Moomoo and the Wolves and tries to sell them to a pet shop so they will be selled from the pet shop to someone else in order to seperate them from Steve. (First appearance of Enderdragon, the Enderman Servants and Steve's tamed wolves)
  • Episode 7 : (The Empire Strikes Back) Steve (Luke Skywalker) and Marino (Lando Carlissian) fight Admiral Bones (Boba Fett), a Witch (Zam Wesell), , Mr. Explosive (Jango Fett) , a Enderman (Darth Vader) and the Wither (Darth Sidious). NOTE : This episode is a parody of Star Wars.
  • Episode 8 : (Why, Steve, Why ?) Steve forgets to lock his door when he goes to the shop and when he comes back, Skeletons and Creepers are throwing a party at his house.
  • Episode 9 : (A deadly crush) Piggy falls in love with an alligator. NOTE : This was going to be called the crush, but was later moved to A deadly crush.
  • Episode 10 : (Marino Cries) Marino starts to act strange... What's going on ?
  • Episode 11 : (Episode 11) Steve and the other protagonists celebrate their 11th episode but The Wither and the Enderdragon ruin it.
  • Episode 12 : (If your me then i'm you and then your me and i must be you of course) The protagonists get the antagonists and vice versa (With simple words : Steve and the others decide to be evil while Wither and company choose to be good for a month) .
  • Episode 13 : (Bank Rath) The bank manager gets fired and Steve gets the new bank manger. The fired bank manager plans revenge.
  • Episode 14 : (Where's everyone ?) On a day when Piggy, Woola, Chicky and Moomoo wake up the entire Minecraft Server is abandoned ! And what's that creepy voice they here the entire time ? Later, some strange sounds appear out of the Void...
  • Episode 15 : (The Ghost) A race of Ghoulers, Ghasts and Spooks make their way in Steve's cellar. (First appearance of Ghoulers, Spooks and Ghasts. Oddly, Lightningbolt does not appear in this episode, even he's a Ghast)
  • Episode 16 : (Bob the Fighter) Bob the Fighter teams up with the Wither to destroy Steve. (First appearance of Bob)
  • Episode 17 : (MarioWorld) Everything in the Minecraft Server gets sucked in the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Episode 18 : (Restful Slumber) The Minecraft Entities land on P'illo Island (sequel to MarioWorld)
  • Episode 19 : (Angry Craft) The Minecraft Entities land on Piggy Island in the Angry Birds Dimension (sequel to Restful Slumber)
  • Episode 20 : (Speed Hog) After landing on Mobius in the Sonic Dimension, the Minecraft Entities finally return to the server. (Sequel to Angry Craft, last part)
  • Episode 21 : (Chinese Undead) Steve and Piggy go eating in a chinese restaurant called Chinese Undead, wich is ran by zombies. (First appearance of zombies and Chef Zombie)
  • Episode 22 : (Evil Witch) Marino falls in love with a witch. (First appearance of Mary Witch)
  • Episode 23 : (Hupig) Piggy gets turned into a Pigman.
  • Episode 24 : (Lightning strikes Lightning) Corporal Lightningbolt gets striked by lightning causing him to transform in a Were-Ghast. (NOTE : Since Corporal Lightningbolt has only be mentioned in the series, his first appearance in this episode reveals that he is a Ghast)
  • Episode 25 : (Gay Gray) General-Major Gray falls in love with a witch wich is actually Steve disquised as witch to pull a prank on him. (First appearance of General-Major Gray and Wither Skeleton Servants)
  • Episode 26 : (Cube Mad) Lightningbolt orders a race of Slimes (called Slime Cubes) and Magma Cubes to attack the overworld. When all of them are defeated by Steve, Marino asks him if he can borrow some ice cubes, causing him to get mad. (First appearance of Slimes and Magma Cubes)
  • Episode 27 : (Pretty Scary) : At full moon, Herobrine appears, same with untamed Wolves... (First appearance of untamed Wolves and Herobrine) (NOTE : this episode is a parody of Twilight and Wolfman and is Halloween-based)
  • Episode 28 : (Schocked) An earthquake occurs.
  • Episode 29 : (Brain-Swapped) Piggy's and the Enderdragon's memory get switched.
  • Episode 30 : (Cookin' Skills are good for you) It's the return of Chef Zombie !
  • Episode 31 : (Bone Plot Potion) Gray invents a potion that turns people into Wither Seletons ! What should we do ? (NOTE : this episode is a parody of the Angry Birds Toons Episode Pig Plot Potion .)
  • Episode 32 : (Uh Oh) The village gets attacked by ailiens. (NOTE : This episode is a parody of Inpendence Day) .
  • Episode 33 : (Cookie !) Admiral Bones gets addicted at eating cookies and sugar and he gets stomache ache. Mr. Explosive is forced to search for a cure. (NOTE : This is the final episode of Season 1)

Season 2 (2013)

Nr. of Episode Name Story Notes
 34 Super Duper, Stupid Cupid Due to an arrow of Cupid, Marino and Mary Witch fall in love with each other ! Will Steve manage to put and end at this before they marry ? This episode is Valentine-based.
 35 Unhappy Christmas Today it should be a great christmas in the Mincraft Server... If the Wither only did'nt decided to ruin it. This episode is Christmas-based.
36 Bright in the Night At 2.00, when Steve and the Wither need to search Mary Witche's broomstick as well the ingredients for her cake, they acidentally provoke an Enderman . This episode's name is a pun on Flight in the Night.
37 Amusement Park 4.2 Steve builds a rollercoaster.
38 Why, Steve, Why ? Version 2.0 Steve forgets to lock his door again but this time it's even worse.  This is possibilly a sequel to the Season 1 Episode Why, Steve, Why ?
39 Villianbrine At night the Enderdragon traps the Village in the Void. Villianbrine is a pun on the mob Herobrine
40 Bonebreaker Admiral Bones, Mr. Explosive, General-Major Gray and Corporal Lightningbolt plan revenge on Steve This is the third appearance of Lightningbolt.
41 The Pizza Marino orders Pizza but the Pizza Delivery Boy is Gray in disquise.
42 Let's Party Guys ! The Villagers throw a party in Steve's mine. But Gray and Admiral Bones seem to be the DJ's.
43 Party Pooper The Villagers throw a party again , this time in Steve's amusement park, but who's that black skeleton leading a whole race of them ? Hmmm... This is the fourth appearance in a row of General-Major Gray. Also, it's the second episode in a row where the villagers throw a party for unknown reasons.  
44 Revenge It's Sweet Party in the village, but Admiral Bones placed a Charged Creeper hidden in the cake ! This is the first time a Charged Creeper appears in MROTW (abbreviaton for the full name of the series).
45 Boo ! The Wither gives Steve a present, wich is actually a jack-in-a-box. But on 0.30, the jack-in-a-box comes to live and starts threatening Steve's pets...  In one of the episodes, Steve's phone rings but there's nobody there, which is a cultural reference to The Scream.
46 Bob and Steve It's the return of Bob ! And he's planning to make a robot... It's the second appearance of Bob in the series, who also appears as the main antagonist in Minecraft TV. Bob also maked a robot in Minecraft TV.
47 Zompie A Zombie siege occurs and attacks the village and Steve tries to make as much Iron Golems and Snow Golems as he can to defend the village.

It's the first time a Zombie siege occurs in Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither. It's also the second appearance of Giants and Zombie Villagers and the first of Snow Golems, Iron Golems, Baby Zombies and Baby Zombie Villagers in the series.

48 Chef Who ? Chef Zombie starts a Pizzeria and founds Itialian Corpse.
49 Devil May Not Cry Steve enters The Nether to kill demons. This episode is a parody of Devil May Cry. The Nether also appears for the first time.
50 Human Invasion Mr. Explosive accidentaly spawns Humans with a mob spawner. This is the first time a mob appears in MROTW wich was deleted from the orginal Minecraft.
51 Ghouly ! Steve captures some of Lightningbolt's Ghasts, much to his chagrin, and he send Ghoulers and Spooks to harm Steve.
52 Burn A race of Ghasts, Blazes, Slimes and Magma Cubes is besieging the village and kills the police service. This is the first appearance of Blazes in Minecraft : Revenge  of the Wither, as well the first time some persons die in the series.
53 Killing ! The Wither kills a villager.
54 The End Steve visits the End. This is the first appearance of the End in MROTW.
55 Pilot X Steve and Piggy fall in the Void again, and this time the Void is blue. This episode is possibilly a sequel to the Pilot Episode, just like Why, Steve, Why ? Version 2.0 to Why, Steve, Why ?
56 Maze Marino gets lost on sea with Mary Witch on a boat without a compas while Steve gets lost in the hedge maze.
57 Trouble in Problems Steve accidentally provokes a group of Zombie Pigmen in a Nether Fortress and now he must run for his live. The Zombie Pigmen/Marshal and the Silverfish debut in this episode.
58 Take Right ! Mary Witch and Steve's wolves and ocelots are abducted by an Alien.
59 Glub ! Chef Zombie starts a food fight. Yummy !
60 Squid Steve goes fishing.
61 Nr. 666 Steve gets the curse of the numbers 13 and 666, causing him to get bad luck.  13 and 666 are both unlucky numbers.
62 A secret cave Steve and Admiral Bones get lost in a mine. 
63 Episode 63 The cast celebrates their 63th episode. But a secret villian, wich don't is the Wither or some of it's henchmen, ruins it... 
64 Diamond Steve finds a diamond sword.
65 The door Steve installs a new door but the door is cursed as well possesed by a Ghouler. This episode is a parody of the super mario 64 blooper The Forgotten Door. It's also a parody of The Car, where a car is possesed by a ghost.

Season 3 (2013)

Season 3 Episodes
Nr. of episode Name of episode Storyline Important Notes
66 The Shout A mysterious guy with a mask tries to kill Steve. This episode is a parody of The Scream. Also, a car is once driving on himself in a episode, wich is a reference to Christine, The Car and the Regular Show episode Ello Gov'nor.
67 A snail is eating me A snail wants to eat Moomoo.
68 A withery curse Steve gets the "wither" effect.
69 Eating is good for you General-Major Gray wants to eat Piggy so Admiral Bones uses a toilet plunger to pull Piggy out of Steve's house. This episode is a parody of the Angry Birds Toons episode Catch of the Day.
70 Witch ! Mary Witch turns the Enderdragon in a Mooshroom by accident. This is the first appearance of a Mooshroom in MROTW.
71 No ! Nobody appears in this episode. Has the cast secretly gone on vacation ?
72 Gravy-Non (Part 1) The gravity turns upside-down and Steve is smacked against the ceiling of his cave.
73 Gravy-Non (Part 2) Following the events of the previous episode, the gravity now completly turns off and everything starts helplessly levitating in the air.
74 The update that changed the world. Steve finds 1.7.2 blocks in his Minecraft world. This episode is based on 1.7.2
75 Lucky of the Caves Steve finds a dungeon wich has two chests, but Mr. Explosive and his creepers are out to get Steve ! The mob spawner is a Zombie.
76 The Wither ! The Wither robs a bank.
77 Cranberry Steve finds 2 homeless foxes so he decides to keep them as domestic animals.
78 Rana in trouble Rana and Mary Witch get kidnapped by the Pigman Marshal. This is the second appearance of the Pigman Marshal.
79 Pink and Violet A mysterious vandal paints the sheep (including Woola) and sprouts grafitti on the walls of the village. Will Steve and Mr. Guns manage to stop the vandalism ? This is the first appearance of Mr. Guns. The vandal is actually the same villain who tried to ruin Episode 63.
80 Best Friend of the Red Dragon The Endermen offer a Red Dragon a chicken as pet. The two have so much fun that the Red Dragon blew up. This is the first episode to not feature Steve, his pets and the villagers, as well the first appearance of a Red Dragon.
81 Super Duper Ender Dragon tries to be a super hero, but he fails.
82 Withery Crown The Wither borrows a crown to be more striking, but when he loses his crown, the army doesn't recognize him ! Second episode without Steve, his pets and the villagers.
83 Horror A black hole is going to suck up Earth, and Steve is the only one who can destruct it !
84 B.L.A.C.K The Wither adopts kid Ender Creepers.
85 KIDnapper The Ender Creepers get abducted.
86 Mummies Mummies besiege Steve's house.
87 Vamp Ender Dragon transforms into a vampire. Will he transform back to normal before he bites anyone ? Or will he burn to death in sunrise ?
88 Farmer Bob Bob becomes agriculturist for a day and creats a farm.
89 Truce On armistice (November 11), Steve and the Wither cease to fight for a day, but they get bored.

Episode 90 (Double-Lenght)

A special to celebrate the 90th episode. Everyone breaks the fourth wall at least four times in this episode.
91 It's a wolf's world. Everyone starts acting like wild and hostile wolves.
92 Castle Creepers In ZomboTown, the Creepers build a castle.
93 Thunderbolt Rock Lightningbolt starts acting rude after Bones and Gray woke him up with a saxophone.
94 Special Edition-Blooper-Reel A special containg outtakes from previous episodes as well much funny bloopers and (fourth wall) jokes.
95 Path of the Jedi Anakin and Obi-Wan (Steve and Marino) fight the empire. This is the second episode to play a parody on Star Wars. The first one was The Empire Strikes Back. Both episodes' names are names of Star Wars movies, however this episode is based on the Clone Wars.
96 Wolverano Mr. Explosive tries to catch Wolverine again ! Second appearance of Wolverine. First was in Underground.
97 Scratchgolem With the help of Bob, The Wither creats a robot, Scratchgolem. Scratchgolem is a parody on General Grievous.
98 Witch Army Rana gets hypnotized by Friendly Wither. Later, Mary Witch gets brainwashed by an Enderman and sends Witches to the village. First appearance of F.Wither and Witches, not counting Mary.

Season 4 (2013)

Season 4     Episodes

Nr. of Episode Name Quick Synopsis Trivia
99 Spider-Pig Piggy transforms into Spider Pig ! This episode is a parody on Spiderman.
100 Lost on sea Steve gets lost on sea without his compas, can he avoid being sucked into the whirlpool ?
101 101 Evil Plans The Wither borrows the book 101 Evil Plans to think off new plots to conquer the world.

Episode 102 !

The cast celebrates the 102th episode and the 4th season. This episode contains a remake/crossover of Episode 92 and Special-Edition-Blooper-Reel.


Space Ranks, Part 1 Steve goes into space.
104 Space Ranks, Part 2 Steve barely avoids crashing into the sun but now he must keep away from a black hole !
105 Scronk Scratchgolem gets angry on Mr. Explosive for shouting on Bones and chases him around the house. First appearance of Bairglair Deviss.
106 Ender Wither A Enderman Guard and a Wither Skeleton Servant get mixed after a failed experiment with Bones' teleporter. This episode is a parody on The Fly.
107 Laxafart Bones uses laxatives to take out Steve.
108 Farterback Steve and The Wither challenge in a pigeon contest. But the Wither cheats by feading his pigeons kidney beans as their farts give them small speed boosts.
109 Red Revenge The Red Dragon seems to have survived his inflation explosion and he wants his beloved chicken back.
110 Megapixels x497 Marino gets trapped in his laptop and it's Steve's task to save him. Ultimately, it's revealed that Admiral Bones was behind it all.
111 Revenge Mr. Explosive does everything to get revenge on Steve for killing one of his Creepers, but does this even count hiding into a rocket and beinig launched in space during the aftermath ? The creeper gets killed by Steve who accidentally zaps him with a schocker, causing the creeper to get a cardiac arrest.
112 Chicken Jockey ?? A Giant appears in the distant with an army of Baby Zombies riding chickens. Celebrating the most funniest thing in Minecraft, Chicken Jockeys in 1.7.3.
113 N.M.E Bones meets N.M.E (VirusErrorCode4223 in PAL regions), a ruby-like computer virus. This is the first appearance of N.M.E.
114 Actrobatic Phail Explosive, Bones, Steve, Gray, Piggy and the Wither get chased by a Donkey who wants to be the king of Minecraftia. BETA ELEMENT : Orginally the Donkey who wants to rule Minecraftia was orginally going to be a Mule, but was changed to a Donkey in the final version.
115 Midnight Takeover At midnight, Steve is working in his mine when he hears sounds. It seem to be Herobrine and Slender Man who came at full moon to get him !

First appearance of Slenderman, second of Herobrine. Also this episode is halloween-based and parodies horror movies.

116 Undead Horror, part 1 (triple-lenght) Steve needs to clean the Nether from Zombies. But, he thinks it are just Giants and Baby Zombie Villagers - it aren't that species, but zombified Magma Cubes, Blazes and Ghasts. Later, in a Nether Fortress, Steve walks around scared of all the creatures, as he is ALONE and the zombies are with over 2.000 ! Suddenly, he hears some creepy sounds outside. It comes from the Void. When Steve goes to look, it's full of Black Holes, Zombie Pigmen (and Pigman Marshal, of course) and many undead creatures !  Because blood and guts are involved in this episode, it's the first episode to really be not suitable for children younger than 12 years. Also, it's the umpteenth episode to based on Halloween, the others being Hallo-Craft Mine-Ween, Where's everyone ?, The Ghost, Lightning strikes Lightning, Pretty Scary, Bright in the Night, Villianbrine, Boo !, Zompie, The door, Horror, Ender Wither and Midnight Takeover. 
117 Undead Horror, part 2 (triple-length) As a sequel to the previous episode , Marino and Guns face Herobrine, Slender Man and the Blood Bath Villager. Then, a Zombie Siege occurs and Guns tends to defend and protect his village. Meanwhile, in The Nether, Steve hides in the Nether Fortress (due to all the undead being with too many), when Gray and Lightningbolt and their armies detect Steve with a Mob Detector and find him as he tries to flee, but is soon stopped by the Zombies. Back to the village, deceased, perished villagers transform into (Baby) Zombie Villagers, as well Zombie Pigmen, Baby Zombies and Giants apparoach (as well the Giant Zombie BOSS), and the Ur-Ghast reveals himself as the villain being behind it all, making surviving much harder then it looks...
118 Thanksgiving Piggy decides to save the turkies from being slaughtered for Thanksgiving. This is the first episode in which Piggy is the main character.
119 Ur-Claus The Wither and the Ur-Ghast steal all of the christmas presents to give them to B.L.A.C.K. The second Christmas-themed episode (First one was Unmerry Christmas). Also the second appearance of the Ur-Ghast, despite being killed in Undead Horror in a massacre.
120 Under construction On a beautiful spring day, the Wither decides to destroy a grass field to place a office building there.
121 Desert Skiff  Steve, Woola, the Wither and Corporal Lightningbolt get lost in the server. 
122 Withery Ender Year ! Mr. Explosive and his Creepers and some Endermen try to ruin New Year, Year of the Dragon and Mooncake Festival.
123 Overwordly Overworld Steve goes mining, but meanwhile, Lightningbolt and the Enderdragon are messing with Gray's experiments, causing the End and the Nether to crash into the overworld. At the end of the episode, Bones and Gray get fused with each other, being the second episode to reference The Fly. (The first was Ender Wither)
124 Special Edition-Blunders An anniversary of the show with bloopers.
125 Bombadbones During a heavy fight in the village, Steve, Bones (who is wearing a cloak) and the WheelerBots take a break to allow the janitor to mop the house they are fighting in. The fight continues, but Bones slips over the water and breaks his arm and his leg. In the hostpital, he sends Gray to eleminate the janitor.
126 You can bank on Steve The Pigman Marshal robs a bank. To not get arrested, he blames Marino for robbing the bank. Steve tries to catch the Pigman Marshal in the act.
127 Emulsive: The Escape Slenderman is out on revenge and tricks Steve and the gang into entering a abandoned office building. This episode's name is a pun on Slender: The Arrival, since the title is the exact opposite of Slender: The Arrival. Various references to the game are made as well.
128 Ghoul Hunters Bones, Gray and the TAWPA-officers go hunt apparations and spectres in a haunted house in a haunted desert.
129 The Hitmen

Lightningbolt unleashes the ultimate weapon: a army of bounty hunters.

130 Chef Virulent Chef Zombie and his apprentice Skellington try to intoxicate their victims by selling venomous food. This is the first appearance of Herobrine's Students/The Monster School Students, the Mob School Students and the Animal School Students. It's also the umpteenth appearance of Chef Zombie after not appearing for a while.
131 It's Not Yours Steve and Marino fight over each other to get a treasure. This the umpteenth appearance of Marino after not appearing for a while.
132 Youtube Party Guns is getting mad of being riled and pissed off by ExplodingTNT, Slamacow, The Troll and ItsJerryAndHarry after they moved out to his village. First appearance of the Youtubers.

Ah, Shoot

Bones blames Steve for spotting him while he had a accident and commands his Skeletons to execute Steve...
134 Steve Voodoo Lightningbolt creates some drug witch dolls resembling Steve and his friends and tries to impale the dolls to slay Steve and his friends.
135 Ender Slender Slender Man and Endie are fighting over who's the most sinister, so they participate in a scaring contest to show who's the ghastliest.
136 Staring Contest Slenderman and Endie partake in a staring contest.
137 The Benighted Officers Bairglair Deviss brainwashes the cops to make them retarded. Second appearance of Bairglair Deviss.
138 Red, Ender, Toad The Enderdragon meets with the Red Dragon and the Mooshroom Dragon.  First appearance of the Mooshroom Dragon, 3th of the Red Dragon.
139 The Enders B.L.A.CK. is busy again.
140 Screw You Bones and Gray try to fasten a painting to the wall, but they fail everytime they try !
141 Go to Hell Gray traps Steve in the BlackNether.

Season 5 (2014)

Season 5 Episodes
Nr. Name Short Synopsis Trivia/Notes
142 Uprising TAWPA The Wither and his army want retaliation on Steve.
143 Gray's Pumpkin The server celebrates Halloween, but it becomes horrrfic when tormentors, phantasms, specters, ghouls, poltergeists, rapping spirits, spectres, genies, phantoms , Blazes, Ghasts, Spooks and Ghoulers possess everyone. This episode is Halloween-based.
144 Withers against Steve ? After falling trough a portal, Black Ice, Blue Fire and the gang from AMLTLOTTM become trapped in Minecraftia. The Wither is planning to take over both his and BI & BF's dimension along with Slender Woman, Israphel, Herobrine (from the Legends of the Twin Miners) and the Wither Beast King and sends Bones, Gray and other TAWPA-officers to abduct BI & BF and hold them hostage. This eisode is a crossover of Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither and A Miner's Legacy: The Legends of the Twin Miners.
145 Ender Beast King BI & BF and the gang traveled back to their dimension, but Daffy and the Wither Beast King are still in Minecraftia. This is a sequel to Wither against Steve ? and also the second crossover episode.
146 The Kitty Mixers Mr. Explosive dresses himself as Tamed Ocelot in order to get promotion.
147 Herobrine and Slenderman- Random Chase Scene Herobrine gets chased by Slender Man troughout the entire episode during a hilarious chase scene. One of the funniest episode of the entire series. This is the third episode to not feature Steve and his friends and the first to not feature any officer of the Wither's Army.
148 The Tormentor Steve accidentally releases a daemon called Gowl. The specter starts haunting Steve, who tries to get rid of the wraith. Steve tries to run from the phantom but the dogged, persistent, pigheaded ghoul won't stop chasing him. This is the first appearance of Gowl.
149 Haskoradom in da house

The village gets terrorized by Haskoradom

This is the first appearance of Haskoradom.
150! Stuck in the Slime Moomoo gets trapped in a Slime Cube. This is the 150th episode of MROTW !
151 How i met your father Steve tells B.L.A.C.K how he met with Frederick Kennedy Falcon Wither and the Enderdragon. The episode's title is a spoof on How i met your Mother, a comical American TV series.
152 Captive The borough gets terrorized by Grezson, a dangerous, graceless tirailleur. This is the first appearance of Grezson the Gunslinger.
153 What the...? Steve and Atomus Explosive get stuck in a pararell universe.
154 YouTube Crash Typhoon, a new TAWPA-officer, shuts down the internet to interfere all Minecraft fans. First appearance of Typhoon.
155 Infiltration Steve and Marino disquise themselves as two bounty hunters to infiltrate in a ensemble of hitmen. First appearance of IK-SEE and Zetrorarae.
156 Blackout Grezson traps Steve in BlackDown. Steve manages to escape but gets trapped in the Black Void. Steve escapes again but gets trapped in The Afterworld. Steve manages to escape again. Grezson decides to snipe Steve.
157 Ender Iris Bairglair Deviss inadvertently drops his Ender Pearl and his Eye of Ender. Steve finds them and teleports to the dimension of A Miner's Legacy: The Legends of the Twin Miners. Deviss tries to get them back with any means. This episode marks the third appearance of the AML cast.
158 Sniped to his Doom Shutcase, the brother of Typhoon, blasts down several of Kreepah's friends with his Anti-Mob Rifle. Kreepah asks Steve for succor and so the warfare between Steve and Shutcase begins. This is the first appearance of Kreepah and Shutcase.
159 No Fire Slenderman's Forest is on fire ! Steve tries to extenquish the bushfire.
160 Forbidden to Smoke A contrabandist tries to smuggle dope, sigars, cigarettes and bubbly (champagne) around Minecraftia.
161 DESTEROYED The donkey who wanted to take over Minecraftia in Acrobatic Phail returns for vengeance !
162 Bedrock Cage Bones traps some of Steve's Creeper Friends in a building of bedrock (with no door or windows) with a Nether Portal in it. At the other side of the Nether Portal, there's also a Bedrock Building where the Nether Portal is in, meaning Bones wanted to grant the Creeper Friends some space to move.
163 There comes the Black Basilisk Eugéne Wasper (nicknamed Bone-Bag), a orange skeleton, escapes from jail and decides to cause mischief. Can Steve stop him ? This is the debut episode of Eugéne "Bone-Bag" Wasper.
164 Well, there was once... Wither tells B.L.A.C.K a fairytale about the dark ages. (Featuring him and the MROTW cast as characters)
165 Diamond Chicken Mayhem When Guns is in shortage of money, Bones decides to greatly deceive him by painting Chickens blue and selling them as "Diamond Chickens", for high prizes.
166 Disease of the Bougie Gray infects the Disease of the Bougie on Endrom (one of Steve's enderman friends), that makes him succumb when a bougie representing his soul is blown out. This episode is a sequel to Bonebreaker.
167 Dry Bones removes all of the water, then teams up with the King Squid to execute the latter's revenge plan on SkyDoesMinecraft. First appearance of King Squid, as well the 1st time a character from a Minecraft Machinima appears.
168 Five Nights at Gilbert's Steve accepts his new job as watchman on a child toy palace, not knowing the consequences of this. This episode is Halloween-themed. The entire episode and it's name are a spoof on Five Nights at Freddy's.
169 Child Hijacking Bones kidnaps some Infant Enderman. To not get recognized by Steve, he disguises himself and pretends to be a auctioneer and an art dealer called "Gunther".

Butler Steve

Droid Business

The Cow

A compilation of three shorts in one episode:

Butler Steve

Steve is forced into becoming butler of TAWPA members.

Droid Business

A droid calling himself
"MO-9999" attempts into destroying the village.

The Cow

A cow escaping from his respective farmer causes much troubles and oversights in and around the village. 

171 The Big Blow Theory After succesfully forcing Mary Witch in a straitjacket and taking her off to the End, The Wither forces her into making a potion that empowers him of destroying the Overworld with his skulls.

The Weapons Expert


A compilation of two 1/2 lenght shorts in one episode.

The Weapons Expert

Steve is bored of using swords and bows only. The results of creating new ones are ludicrous.


Creep's uncle perishes in a conflagration. Upon hearing from the notary that he inherits his uncle's stuff, he steals every heritor's bequeathal and edits it, replacing all names with his own, to inherit stuff that doesn't belong to him. Steve has to prevent him from doing so.


Skeletal Genocide

Hidden in plainsight

Steve and his ender self

A compilation of three shorts in one episode!

Skeletal Genocide

Major General Gray and Admiral Bones have a discussion about who has the better skeleton army. They want to fight it out in a big battle, unfortunately, the village is in the middle of the battlefield...

Hidden in plainsight

The Wither hires bounty hunters to spy on Steve, but they quit midjob becuase of all the ridiculous things happening.

Steve and his ender self

Steve gets a mirror from the Wither and as he looks into it, Ender Steve appears and gets a crush on Mary Witch. Steve, Marino and the Wither try to solve the problem in their own ways.

174 Board the Ship! The Guardians plan on taking over the world and kidnap Steve's friends. Steve attempts to invade their base, only to discover somthing awful.
175 Primaeval Rush Steve and Bones discover a place in the midst of the planet where several prehistoric life forms live, e.g. mammoths, Pelycosaurs, dinosaurs, ammonites, etc..  This is a parody on Journey to the Center to the Earth.
176 Bones-Men Bones, Gray, Mr. Explosive and Chef Zombie break into a lab and drink weird potions. They develop superpowers and use them to do whatever they please. The Wither fears that they might overthrow him, though.....
177 Joyous Noel Bones, Gray and Mr. Explosive try to ruin Yuletide by stealing Christmas Presents. This is the Christmas special.
178 Jr. Wither ? A Wither who pretends to be Wither's son inserts various ludicrous rules and obligates Mr. Explosive to leave since he's "too old to work in an army" (59). This prompts everyone else (but Wither) to leave.
179 Fireworks On New Year's Eve, Bones tries to blow up the village with fireworks. Meanwhile, Deviss tries to sleep while fireworks are being shot, much to his annoyance. This episode celebrates New Year's Day.
180 Marino Wither Party Marino throws a party but has everyone but himself teleported to the End by the Enderdragon.
181 Child's Rising Baby Zombies get born in a village but don't realize themself being zombies. Chef Zombie appears...
182 Dragonzillia Bones gets the mission to drive a dangerous mutation virus to the militairy hospital. But smoke appears between him and the Enderdragon... This is a spoof on Gojira (Godzilla).

Season 6 (2014)

Nr. Name Story Trivia
183 Kidnapped Grezson has a tweeky plan. He abducts B.L.A.C.K...
184 InFamous Second Steve Steve tries to get the cure for the Permanent Wither affct due to Gray deliberately spreading it in hopes of killing everyone.
185 DD ? Notch creates a Diamond Dimension. The idea came from an ExplodingTNT video.
186 DD 2 ? Notch creates a Dirt Dimension. Same as above.
187 The Springing Traps Gray has a very special plan to get rid of Steve. The name is a pun on Springtrap from FNaF 3.
188 Hellish Rusher Steve and Wither switch roles, but realize it's hard due to the other's chores.
189 Super Pumpkin Pies Chef Zombie bakes pumpkin pies that turn Steve's friends into Wither's henchmen.
190 Pink Revive The Friendly Wither/Pink Wither returns for payback on her arch-nemesises: Steve... and, to a lesser extent, Wither ! This marks the return of F. Wither after an absence of 92 episodes.
191 Double Episode Pack

"Golden Block" Steve, Marino, Mary Witch and Rana gain elemental powers. As the Wither finds out, he tries to find a way to extract this power to empower the monsters...

"Bone-sitter" In order to kill Steve, Bones pretends to be an animal sitter to sneak into his home. As the animals gone missing, Bones needs to find them, otherwise, Steve will kill him.

This episode is a prequel to Dragonzillia, due to Mary Witch, who is killed in that episode, being still alive in Golden Block.

This episode marks the return of Rana after a more than 100 episode absence.

192 Bedrock Dimension Inspired by an Orepros video. In this dimension, Steve must find his way out...
193 Mailman ! Jerry the Mailman accidentally delivers Steve an package with a baby tuatara.
194 The Game Bones creates a "SkyWars" game and invites Steve and co. to play it but they find out that whoever's killed, is killed. This episode is based off SkyWars from CubeCraft games.
195 See you later, Alligator ! A American alligator runs loose and Steve must subdue it.
196 The Mob Collector Several mobs get abducted by "mob collectors" and are put in a museum. B.L.A.C.K is kidnapped so Wither teams up with Steve.
197 The Mummy A mummy spreads cookies that turn the ones who eat them into his servants.
198 End Game Steve glitches in some Minecraft prototypes and parodies: Terraria, Infiniminer, Cave Game and Rubydung. This episode was originally supposed to be Episode 200.
199 Deadened Atomus Explosive floods the village.
200! Special Anniversary The 200th episode ! But Wither tries to spoof Steve and create a merry-meeting of himself. This is the 200th episode of Minecraft: Revenge of the Wither.
201 Evil An evil clone of Steve, Evets, with red shirt and dark hair, causes so much havoc Bones wants to team up with him. First appearance of Evets.
202 The Special Cow A special cow with the PC Gamer Logo branded on it's side appears in the world, selling various copies of Minecraft: PlayStation Vita edition. Bones tries to get the cow into selling books. Wait, what ? But, there is something weird with them.
203 Kicked After someone's kicked out of The Resistance, a new one joins, but he behaves odd.
204 Take Two with Independence Day B.L.A.C.K gets kidnapped by Space Cows.
205 Hello, Ween. A gamer known as Ween is playing a horror game, when lightning strikes his house and he ends up trapped in the game after being sucked up by his TV.
  • The episode's name is a pun on Halloween.
  • This is (rather obviously) the series' 2015 Halloween special.
  • Several horror games are parodied in the episode, including Slender Man, Five Nights at Freddy's, Dead Space, Amnesia, Outlast, The Forest and Haunting Ground. The Luigi's Mansion games are also spoofed.
  • This is the first episode in which none of the main characters appear.
206 The Creepypasta Clash Herobrine, Slenderman and the Wither have a competition on who makes people more terrified. Steve and Marino decide to stop this, but are forced to face their worst nightmares...
  • Several creepypastas appear in this episode.
  • It's the second 2015 Halloween special.
207 The Creepers who cried Wither B.L.A.C.K pulls a prank on Wither by pretending they have flu; though, when they get real, dangerous, deadly flu (the Silver Flu), Wither doesn't believe them !
208 Fry me to the moon Bones opens up a chip shop and competes with Chippy's Burgers and Fries in the competion of "Fry Cook of the Year".
209 Deadly Chemicals Gray discovers lethal radioactive chemicals, and vows to kill lots of innocent people with it if Steve doesn't let him conquer the world.
210 Copycat Steve, Endamaron and Creep face off against Bones in the mall. What they don't know though: Bones has a device that analyzes the gang, allowing Bones to use their abilities and entire moveset against them.
211 It'z da Mind Zwap ! Using hypnotics, Bones succesfully has Endamaron and Creep swap bodies. Now, they must find a way to undo this effect while avoiding Bones' elite troops.
212 Cold Case Creep discovers Mr. Explosive's newest plan in a frozen factory. He gets caught, though, and Steve must end Atomus' scheme.
213 Dessert Desert Steve finds a hidden dimension made entirely of food.
214 Mine Blown Atomus wants to blow up every mine in the world so that he can prevent resources from getting to The City.
215 Egg Men Bones tries experimenting with rifles to create new weapons, but it goes absurd when he creates an Egg Blaster. The episode name is a parody on Dr. Eggman, the main antagonist from the Sonic series.
216 Wither the Hero Wither decides to become a hero and save The Village from terror, but Grezson doesn't like this, and tries to gun him down. This is the final appearance of Grezson in the series, considering he dies in this episode.
217 Unnamed Episode Slender Man feels lonely, so he decides to invite Steve and co. to his house - though they think it's a trap to kill them, and everything goes wrong.

Season 7 (2015)

Number Name Short Summary Trivia/Notes/Background Info
218 Skeletal Frame Bones succesfully frames Endamaron for murder and financial fraud. However, when the innocent Endamaron is going to be unrightfully executed, Bones feels something he never felt before: Guilt.
219 Short Life Wither appears to have died after an heart failure. Steve is overcome with grief, but there appears to be something fishy.
220 Arrested, Yet Again Creep is arrested and sent to a Juvie after a very gushy April Fools prank involving Atomus Explosive breaking his arm. Creep tries everything to escape from the Borstal, but it's not so easy, considering Bones and Gray accepted a summer job as warders.
221 Creeped Out Creep and B.L.A.C.K, watch a horror movie Wither told them not to watch.
222 The Assassinator After a Creeper is found chained to the bottom of a swimming pool and an Enderman gets strangled to death, Steve must find the murderer before he makes more victims.
223 Bullfighting to the Max! Steve signs up for a bullfighting match, which gets interrupted by Bones.
224 Boarding School Endamaron is sent to boarding school. 
225 The Monstah  A giant monster rises up from below the Void and Steve must defeat it.
226 Hate The entire country turns against Wither after he says Jimmy is his favorite kid (because hell all parents love their children equally, right ?)

Season 8 (2015)

Number Title Story Notes
227 Water Warfares, Part I Steve and co. are sent to Vadevatten, a forgotten planet near the Kuiper Belt, to stop the Elder Guardian from seizing control.
228 Water Warfares, Part II Steve appears to be winning the fight, if TAWPA weren't to interfere. Darn it, TAWPA.
229 The Enderman That Knew WAY Too Much, Part I Endamaron is accused of manslaughter and is nearly sentenced to prison. He quickly escapes and must now avoid the Village's police forces, Steve and Bones, who all try to arrest him.
  • The episode and it's sequel are a parody of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes The Jedi Who Knew Too Much, To Catch a Jedi and The Wrong Jedi.
230 The Enderman That Knew WAY Too Much, Part II Endamaron, after a loooooooooooong chase, is finally captured and sent to trial. However, there appears to be someone else who has truly committed the homicide.
231 Wheel of UNfortune B.L.A.C.K broke Wither's window, but they don't wanna confess ! Well, Uncle Wither has the perfect solution to make his kiddies confess; a wheel of fortune like thing, but has punishments instead, and it'll keep on going until they confess. It's The Wheel Unfortune ! (Sarcasm) Original name, right ? 
232 Honey, i "cowed" the miner Wither turns Steve in a cow.
233 It's a Map ! Steve finds a map leading to a treasure, but Bones is out to find it too. Get your helmets on and your picks ready, children; it's treasure hunting time !

The title is a parody on Admiral Ackbar's famous line from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, "It's a Trap !".

234 Defective Detetective Lightningbolt, Throwback and Overdata make a detective robot, but it goes "cuckoo, cuckoo !" and does nothing but try to solve stupid cases that doesn't need any detectives. Not that anyone cares about that cases.
235 The Minecraft Documentary So, young player, you have just entered the Overworld ? Well, there's one thing; to survive, you'll have to know everything 'bout this place. Well, just watch this documentary to learn all about the Overworld's fauna !
  • The entire episode is a parody on documentaries of certain locations and their inhabitants, plants and important places. It's loosely based off this.
236 Two Miners and a Baby Steve and Marino have to defend the Fountain of Youth from Wither. Creep tries to help out, but is defeated and knocked into the fountain, but before Steve can react, Wither distracts him. After Wither leaves, Creep has turned into a 5 year old. Uh-oh...
237 The Paschal Pass

It's Easter, but Bones is jealous because he didn't get any chocolate eggs, and retaliates by creating chocolate eggs with a goo in it that turns all who eats it in sheep and mooshrooms. Only Steve can stop him.

This is MROTW's final episode before it's reboot two years later.

Season 9 (2017)

Main article: Season 9

Differences with the orginal Minecraft

  • Slimes are called Slime Cubes in this series.
    • Slime Cube is actually the dutch name translated to English.
  • MROTW-exclusive characters appear :
    • Bones
    • Mr. Explosive
    • Gray
    • Lightningbolt
    • Marino
    • Mary Witch
    • Chef Zombie
    • Mr. Guns (the mayor of the village, who is a parody on Mr. Burns from the Simpsons)
    • Pigman Marshal (the leader of the Zombie Pigmen who has only appeared in Undead Horror, Trouble in Problems , Rana in Trouble and You can bank on Steve to date).
    • The secret organization B.L.A.C.K. (A secret organization from wich all members are young Ender Creepers from 8-15 years old, while the founder is The Wither).
    • Endamaron, a Enderman friend of Steve who exclusivey appeared in video games and some shorts such as "The Cow".
  • The Enderdragon is enslaved by the Wither and threathened as butler by him as revenge cause the Enderdragon was responsible for the death of his foster brothers, as seen in a flashback. In the real Minecraft, he doens't serve under him.
  • The Wither's entire army is capable of speech, with the exception of Chef Zombie's zombies and Mr. Explosive's Creepers, altough Chef Zombie and Mr. Explosive are capable of speech themselves, while their servants/army aren't.

Games,DVD's and other media

There's planned to be released a game with the same name of the series, wich is planned as a spin-off for the series, as well a sequel for it, Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither: Dark Souls Rise.

DVD's are also released, each volume containg all episodes of a season and special features and extra contents. Planned DVDs : Dirt DVD (Season 1) , Iron DVD (Season 2) , Cobblestone DVD (Season 3), Gold DVD (Season 4), Emerald DVD (Season 5) and Diamond DVD (Season 6).

Comic books are also planned.

There's also an upcoming movie, Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither (Film).

Lastly, apps are in construction to be released for iPad, iPod Touch, tablet and a limited edition released for NSUS Computers. 


The series got mostly positive reception. The original ideas, characters and media were mostly well received. Nearly nothing was criticized. (I said NEARLY.)


  • It's revaled here that Steve loves pets, as he has :
    • A pig (Piggy)
    • A cow (Moomoo)
    • A sheep (Woola)
    • A chicken (Chick)
    • 11 tamed wolves and 4 tamed ocelots
    • 2 foxes
  • It's revealed that Steve is a bit forgetful, as he forgets to lock his door twice, causing mobs to invade his house. The first time was in Why, Steve, Why ? and the second time was in Why, Steve, Why ? Version 2.0. Also, in A Secret Cave, Steve and Admiral Bones get lost in Steve's mine, and Steve forgot how to get out of his OWN  mine.
  • MROTW has 94.263.092 views.
  • Eugéne Wasper is currently the only Skeleton in the series who was shown to be arrested, since most of the time all Skeletons escaped. The only other case of this is Bones, altough for a very short period of time (Steve was forced to let Bones go in exchange for Endamaron's liberty).
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